Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Amy Molyneaux from PPQ

Amy Molyneaux is the Creative Director / Owner of fashion label PPQ which was formed in London in 1992.

I’ve been a devoted fan and wearer of all things PPQ for a very long time and couldn’t live without a single item. They are without a doubt my favourite British label.

ANTW talks to Amy Molyneaux about all kinds of Absolutely Nothing….

Amy Molyneaux


Absolutely Nothing To Read

Bring on The Empty Horses by David Niven. He’s such a brilliant writer. And for someone to have been to war and then be so gracious with the Hollywood fraternity, makes me smile.

Post Office by Charles Bukowski also managed to inspire me and get me back to reading after a spate of boredom.

Absolutely Nothing To Watch

I love BBC 4 documentaries. Especially ones about the Circus and Submarines.

Absolutely Nothing To See

Cinderella performed by The Royal Ballet at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About

My fantastic PPQ team

Absolutely Nothing To Wear

Knickers from Agent Provocateur. I also always carry a black cashmere cardigan in my bag wherever I go. It’s my wardrobe staple.

Absolutely Nothing To Buy

Condiments from Waitrose. They sell the best in town.

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To

The Greg Foat Group

Absolutely Nothing To Whisper About

Falke Body Wear – the polo necks and tights are an all-in-one must for the cold weather.

PPQ AW 2011

Absolutely Nothing To Watch : Lanvin AW11/12

I know I know I know, it’s everywhere and we’ve all seen it a million times but I DON’T CARE. These things are made to be shared and I for one, can’t stop watching…..

A wonderful week doing Absolutely Nothing

I think this might just have been one of my favourite weeks of Absolutely Nothing. It’s quality not quantity after all…..she says hopefully.

We launched Absolutely Nothing To Talk About, our new mid-week Q&A, and this week Lisa Ispani from Tallulah and Hope gave us wise words and stylish secrets about all sorts of Absolutely Nothing.

We’ve also had some hilarious cartoons from Zebedee Helm which has cheered us along and I’ve once again delved in to my sometimes blurry fashion consciousness to share a few things I’ve loved and pondered.

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Absolutely Nothing To Buzz About : A sweet little love story by Micki Myers

Absolutely Nothing To Wear : Fashion Copycats, flattering or infuriating? by Mel Moss

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Lisa Ispani from Tallulah and Hope by Mel Moss

Hair Cuts : Is grey the new black? by Mel Moss with cartoon by Zebedee Helm

Absolutely Nothing To Wear : A crash course in Capes by Mel Moss

Blackbird Types by Zebedee Helm

Absolutely Nothing To Wear : A crash course in Capes

Seeing as I have a tiny bit of an addiction to the caped variety of cover-up, I’ve been having a little look online to see what’s there. So just in case you too have a penchant for ponchos, I thought it was only fair to share.

There are literally HUNDREDS more if you have the time to spend looking online or, better still, actually go out and look in real life shops. These are just a few of my personal picks from some of my most trusted web based retailers. I strongly recommend looking through Ebay too – I found 2 of my all time favourite capes on there for a fraction of the retail price.

1. Cream Poncho, ROKIT, £60

Burberry Brit Duffle Cape £595, NET-A-PORTER

3. Sonia Rykiel Cape, £500, NET-A-PORTER

4. Cape, ROKIT, £65

5. Reversible Cape by Ganni, £100, ASOS

6. Contrast Trim Cape, £16 (originally £80), ASOS

7. Circle Cape Poncho, black or navy, £160, Tallulah and Hope

8. And I know this isn’t strictly a cape but I love it all the same.

Sherlock Cape Mac, £180, by Dressmonster from ASOS

Hair Cuts : Is Grey the New Black?

I’m going grey. They’ve started catching the light when I look in the mirror and I’m not sure I like it. I always said it wouldn’t bother me when it happened but it turns out I was wrong, I’m not sure I’m ready for silvery locks quite yet.

So, what do I do? Do I attempt a self colour when the children are in bed – I have one I bought in France which came recommended – or do I make a day of it. I’m thinking this might be something worth making an occasion of. It could be my perfect reason to escape for an entire day and sit in a chair, alone, quietly.

I’ve never had my hair coloured and I’m terrified of making a huge mistake. I may well end up with something much worse than my current combination of dark brown with a hint of silver.

For now I shall remain grey and confused and enjoy this cartoon instead.

Haircut Strip by Zebedee Helm

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Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Lisa Ispani from Tallulah and Hope

Every Wednesday ANTW will be having a mid-week chat with someone we think knows an awful lot, about Absolutely Nothing…..

Lisa Ispani is the co-founder of Tallulah and Hope who make the most fabulous modern beachwear and are an ANTW fashion favourite.

Absolutely Nothing To Wear…..

Tallulah and Hope Hero kaftan because you can literally throw it on and you’re good to go. I stretch wearing one into Autumn by layering over a long-sleeved American Apparel top and jeans.

Merchant Archive in West London is my absolute favourite vintage boutique. Sophie the owner has an exquisite eye and also stocks contemporary pieces and accessories. I bought my Karen Walker sunglasses there which I wore rampantly on holiday.

T&H Hero kaftan and Karen Walker sunglasses both pictured above

Absolutely Nothing To Read…..

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh is the story of an incredibly inspiring entrepreneur who took Zappos.com to making over a billion dollars in gross sales over just 10 years.

Absolutely Nothing To Do…..

I recently visited therapist Marlene Munoz , who came highly recommended. I had a Chi Rejuvenation Facial which combines classic French facial massage techniques with the ancient Chinese therapy, acupressure, all designed specifically to rejuvenate the face. It was so enjoyable and the next day I was asked for ID in Waitrose (honestly) when I was buying alcohol – I’m 36!

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To……

The Bronx (a hardcore American rock band from LA) released a ‘Mariachi’ album El Bronx under their alter ego Mariachi El Bronx
it’s amazing and joyful I cannot stop listening it!

Absolutely Nothing To Eat…..

The Bread Pudding with Caramel ice-cream from Canteen, I just can’t say no!

Absolutely Nothing To Buy…..

Anything from Sonia Rykiel

Absolutely Nothing To See…..

Tracy Emin’s Love is What You Want retrospective exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.  I love her, her art and her style!

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About…..

Zoe, my business partner and the other half of Tallulah & Hope, laugh all the time! You need to keep a sense of humour when you’re starting a business to help counteract the stress.

I am also loving the HBO series ‘Bored to Death’ . Ted Danson is a revelation in it, the show is very very funny, a must watch.