Pleased to meet you, I’m Cecil.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am that those ridiculous hens and that nasty cockerel have left my garden. They were starting to cause me the most unspeakable stress. I couldn’t sleep, I could hardly face a carrot and I was constantly having to look over my bob tail in case I got pecked. I’m a streetwise kind of rabbit, I spent my bunny years on the ferocious fashion streets of London and I can handle a hen or…8, but a rabbit needs his space. I, Cecil, need my own space.




It’s quite a funny story of how a town bunny came to be a country rabbit. I don’t remember it all, I have to admit, but I do know this, I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve travelled in some of the finest smelling handbags and slept on  sheets fit for Sir Peter. I’ve eaten in some of the best restaurants and enjoyed a nibble on a shocking array of excellent wires. Life, has been very good indeed. But a rabbit can only stay in the rabbit race for so long. We need peace and quiet and fresh air and grass…and so I moved to the English countryside. The Cotswolds to be precise.

I have a new family here in the fields. They’re a slightly eccentric mix of both humans and animals. There are 4 humans, a dog, 2 cats, 8 chickens and a cockerel. I, thankfully, have my own two storey house with all the comforts a rabbit requires and a very large garden which aside from the occasional passing visit from various family members, is all mine. Which is just the way I like it.

I’m treated very well and looked after. The dog, Champion, is a slightly desperate creature and follows me everywhere but his heart’s in the right place and I think he might just be lonely. The cats know their place and stay out of my way. They spend much of their time out hunting defenceless animals in the woods which is a little unnerving but i try to turn a blind eye. Cats are curious animals, they seem to quite literally get away with murder just with a meow and a purr. They’re brave though, I’ll give them that. You wouldn’t find me out there in the woods under a black country sky, I’ve heard stories that would make your fur curl.

To be continued…..

One Comment on “Pleased to meet you, I’m Cecil.”

  1. Gail moss says:

    Love this, you must continue xxx

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