Happy Birthday Johnny Cash

Crazy about cakes

I’ve never been terribly bothered about cakes and sweet things. I’m not the kind of person to crave chocolate or dream of cream eclairs or lust over lashings of apple pie and custard….I’d rather have a bit of cheese on a cracker. However, things seem to have changed a bit although it’s not so much the eating of them but the making of them which now gives me the most enormous pleasure. The making but most of all, the decorating.

I was told recently about Cressida Bell who is a British designer specialising in textiles and interiors but who also creates the most amazing cakes I have ever seen. After stalking her wondrous pieces of sugary art on Google images, I bought her book which is a fabulous collection of the most satisfying cake designs I’ve ever seen. I haven’t tried my own version yet but I shall……just as soon as I’ve got these wonky, over the top, layered, fruit, flower and jelly bean creations out of my system.


Above is one I made earlier and below are a few Cressida Bell made earlier – I’ve got some way to go but watch this space. My children’s birthday cakes will never be the same again.