Marvellous Moleskine

I’ve always loved a notebook. I also love a scrapbook and when I had more time and more adventures, I used to religiously record things in scrap / notebooks of all varieties. They weren’t so much the Dear Diary kind but more a visual record of the bits and pieces I’d collected along the way and didn’t want to forget. I have recipe books of the same ilk which are stuffed full of torn out pieces of cooking inspiration. I also have a massive box of torn out pieces of cooking inspiration which have never seen a stick of glue and will probably never make it in to a book. I’m keeping them for a rainy day when I have more time.

Along with my love of what is essentially just collecting and cutting and pasting, comes a love of Moleskine notebooks. I have lots; diaries, sketch books, journals….all sorts. I like their sturdiness and I particularly like the piece of elastic which keeps them all neat and uniform. A stack of Moleskines is a very exciting sight – to me anyway. I don’t buy them nearly as much as I used to but then I stumbled on Urban Cottage Industries which, amongst other things, has a fabulous collection of Moleskines for sale in all kinds of colours AND they personalise them with your own chosen text.

I ordered one as a Valentines experiment for Jay Jay and it’s gone down very well indeed. It’s a perfectly simple present which not only has lots of uses but also offers something bespoke which is special on any occasion.


ps. It’s my birthday on Monday…I think they do next day delivery.