Feiyue, for me

I discovered Feiyue shoes when working for Celine and we collaborated with them on a special edition hi top plimsoll. I’ve worn them ever since and can safely say they are by far the best of its kind out there.

They’re sturdy and comfortable with a very satisfactory toe shape and are a perfectly acceptable form of footwear without being too “on trend”. I’m not a big fan of trends, they just end up making you look like everyone else.

Check them out here


Bianca and Family

One of my absolute favourite websites. Full of irresistible, lovely things.


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Rainy bank holidays and palazzo jump suits

I know it would probably be much more fun if the sun was shining and we were all outside, but I secretly rather love rainy weekends. It’s the perfect excuse to hang out with the kids and watch cartoons and not feel too horribly guilty.

So while they lose themselves in adventures with Droopy Dog, I’m reading yesterday’s paper (magazine) and have found myself drawn to a sheer palazzo jumpsuit by Dorothy Perkins. Can I? Should I? Is it the perfect answer to a Summer holiday outfit, or will it scare my husband?

When I was about 18, I had a palazzo trouser suit from Jigsaw. I loved it. It was silk, with wide fabulous floating trousers and a loose fitted blouse/jacket. I wore the blouse buttoned to the top with the collar neatly pressed and finished it all off with a pair of Pro Keds plimsolls. I never worried then about how to wear that style of trouser, I just liked them. I didn’t care about whether they were in or out or flattering or totally impractical. They made me feel grown up and well dressed and a bit different from all the other girls in short shorts and maxi dresses. But almost 20 years on, maybe I should just keep that as a happy memory and not spoil it with a huge palazzo sized mistake.

I might just have a little peek online and put it in the shopping basket until after lunch. Things are always much sheerer after a full roast dinner.

UPDATE – so it would appear it’s not online so I think it might be out of my system. I did however just buy a Plantable Record from www.thebalconygardener.com. A suitably seventies style purchase to ease the longing.


Potted Rabbit and Prada Handbags

I’ve learned many things since moving to the countryside. I know all about “local produce” and “free range organic” and I’ve even pressed my own apple juice, but when it comes to country-shire fashion, I’m still a little lost.

It’s been almost 2 years since I left London. I never had any trouble dressing for the wilds of Willesden but things out here are very very different.  The best way to describe the style here is eclectic, expensive and slightly eccentric. My husband found himself coveting a pair of mustard cords (after a bottle of wine) and I’ve almost had my heart broken by the price tag on a Bamford gilet but we pulled ourselves together and I’m pleased to say clothes wise, nothing has really changed.

I do however struggle with what to wear when invited to a dinner party, or a playdate lunch or afternoon tea. I always end up looking like I’ve made far too much effort, which is never good, and just a little bit too “fashion”. The general look here seems to be skinny, polished and rather formulaic – expensive skinny jeans, cashmere cardigans, organic cotton tees, knee high boots and a very expensive Prada handbag. I admire it, I’m actually a little jealous of it, but it’s not me and the danger when you enter in to any kind of new situation, is trying to be something you’re not.

So today we went to the Annual Food Fair at The Plough  in Kingham which was recently listed in Country Life as being England’s Favourite Village. Quite an accolade and admittedly well deserved.  Being just 1 mile from the fabulous Daylesford Organic, it attracts the well healed and well fed…..not overweight, just people who like good food and pretty things. So my children feasted on fresh apple juice and chocolate cake while my husband drank Cotswold lager, sampled the local Perry cider and devoured a roast pork and apple bap. I spent most of my time eaves dropping on the next door table where a young couple, up from London for a friend’s birthday, were having the most fabulous argument as to whether a jar of Potted Rabbit and 2 Pork Pies made the perfect birthday present. He said yes, she a very firm NO. And off they trotted to Daylesford.

So what were they all wearing. Well nothing that exciting really. There were lots of little girls in very pretty dresses with flowers in their hair and welly boots on their feet escorted by mothers in skinny jeans, Breton tees and blazers. All very modern and well turned out. The men weren’t really anything to write home about. Just lots of boring shirts, badly fitting jeans and hangovers. Not wanting to be biased, I think my son won the style prize today in his Cos navy harrington jacket, my Celine cotton scarf and his Little Lucky Seven army cap. He was the only person there who remained looking cool whilst being happy, warm and wonderfully oblivious.





Terry and June

No I’m not watching the football, I tried but it didn’t last long.

So I switched over to BBC2 where Terry and June go camping, in the most fabulous Adidas tracksuits.

Sport and fashion all in one. I win.

I’d wear them if I could

I have a bit of a thing about napkins and these ones from Cox and Cox are clever and pretty and very very tempting


Jess Cartner Morley and Pearl


A long time ago in a wardrobe far far away

I was in Red Magazine talking about clothes and shoes and hats……some of it actually makes a lot of sense

You can see the full article – with all kinds of clever tips from different ladies – on www.salihughes.com, who is also a brilliantly clever lady

The Caped Crusader

I’ve always been rather partial to a cape. My first was a silk khaki Ralph Lauren poncho style cape which I snapped up for a bargain when I worked in their UK press office. It took me a good 5 or so years to have the courage to wear it and now it’s brought out for rainy British festivals and the school run on a windy Autumn day. 15 years on and still one of the most coveted items in my wardrobe.

Then there came my angora wool and leather cape from Armani Jeans. One of the best items of clothing every invented. Just thin enough to wear over jackets and sweaters and with a fabulous hood and silver metal front catch. The moths have attacked in recent years but it’s still in one piece and will be worn for many seasons to come.

Then came my best ever Ebay purchase. A See By Chloe wool cape which has been my autumn/winter staple for the past 2 years.  With a neat  little collar, button down front, zip pockets and perfect seams, I think it’s hands down the best “coat” I’ve ever had.

And now my caped life is complete thanks to Tallulah and Hope. Founded by my fabulous friends Zoe and Lisa, they make the very best capes and ponchos and all sorts of other wonderful things. My navy wool cape has a very busy life indeed and my silk Hero poncho has been worn over bikinis through a Summer by the pools of the South of France and LA and now under a little leather jacket in the cooler climes of London and the Cotswolds.


They’re running a competition to win a T&H voucher at the moment too so I urge you to check them out

Celia Lindsell Lavender

 I LOVE my new Celia Lindsell lavender silk bed cushion. I never thought I’d love lavender and I never really believed in any of its clever properties, but it smells delicious and looks even better. And we all seem to be sleeping better. Even the dog…….

It’s the one in the middle, “silver retro”