A long time ago in a wardrobe far far away

I was in Red Magazine talking about clothes and shoes and hats……some of it actually makes a lot of sense

You can see the full article – with all kinds of clever tips from different ladies – on www.salihughes.com, who is also a brilliantly clever lady

The Caped Crusader

I’ve always been rather partial to a cape. My first was a silk khaki Ralph Lauren poncho style cape which I snapped up for a bargain when I worked in their UK press office. It took me a good 5 or so years to have the courage to wear it and now it’s brought out for rainy British festivals and the school run on a windy Autumn day. 15 years on and still one of the most coveted items in my wardrobe.

Then there came my angora wool and leather cape from Armani Jeans. One of the best items of clothing every invented. Just thin enough to wear over jackets and sweaters and with a fabulous hood and silver metal front catch. The moths have attacked in recent years but it’s still in one piece and will be worn for many seasons to come.

Then came my best ever Ebay purchase. A See By Chloe wool cape which has been my autumn/winter staple for the past 2 years.  With a neat  little collar, button down front, zip pockets and perfect seams, I think it’s hands down the best “coat” I’ve ever had.

And now my caped life is complete thanks to Tallulah and Hope. Founded by my fabulous friends Zoe and Lisa, they make the very best capes and ponchos and all sorts of other wonderful things. My navy wool cape has a very busy life indeed and my silk Hero poncho has been worn over bikinis through a Summer by the pools of the South of France and LA and now under a little leather jacket in the cooler climes of London and the Cotswolds.


They’re running a competition to win a T&H voucher at the moment too so I urge you to check them out

Celia Lindsell Lavender

 I LOVE my new Celia Lindsell lavender silk bed cushion. I never thought I’d love lavender and I never really believed in any of its clever properties, but it smells delicious and looks even better. And we all seem to be sleeping better. Even the dog…….

It’s the one in the middle, “silver retro”


Prove it…..

That’s what my husband said when he left to take the kids to school this morning and I told him I loved him. So, without wanting to dedicate too much time to the challenge, I decided to wear a dress he bought me. In fact the first dress he ever bought me. I’ve always thought it made me look a bit old and middle aged but it turns out I actually rather love it and I’ve felt sort of different, in a good way, all day long.

So here it is. My Cath Kidston (I know I know) star print jersey dress. Picture coming shortly……

Not something I thought I would ever wear, let alone adore.

So it seems we both won in the end.

Whoever said Fashion was shallow. It can change a Thursday in a dress!

I know it might not be cool to admit….

But I seem to have developed a bit of a crush on Next.

My cornflower blue shirt dress just arrived and it’s gorgeous. Completely and utterly gorgeous. And when worn with my bright yellow Prada belt, it’s pretty close to perfection.

No it’s not me in the picture. Not even close.