Clutter bugs

The word clutter bothers  me. Or I should say, it bothers me when directed towards my house or my life. We recently opened ourselves and our home up to the clicks of an interior magazine. A magazine I like very much called Houzz and the article was great, as were the pictures. The whole experience in fact was a very lovely and relaxed one and I even enjoyed reading the interview…albeit with a few too many exclamation marks but perhaps that’s how I talk on the phone. It probably is if I think about it. Something to work on perhaps. I can’t stand too many exclamation marks in writing or speech, makes you sound over-excited and a bit bonkers….oh wait

I never really think these things through when I agree to do them. I’m proud of our home and more importantly I’m proud of Jay Jay and how he has curated our home to be a very happy and confident place to live.  It’s  also very lucky indeed that we both like the same things (well mostly) and that we enjoy looking at the things which we like, which make us happy and inspire us. All our bits and pieces scattered around the house are carefully positioned and considered and have a meaning. This brings me on to the word clutter….as far as I’m concerned, the collections we have in our home are NOT clutter. To me clutter are things which are just there for the sake of being there, bits and bobs that just gather on shelves and tables without intention. Stuff you can’t be bothered to put away or give away and that just become part of the furniture without you realising. That kind of stuff I don’t understand at all and it would muddle my brain and make life very messy indeed both practically and emotionally.

So, my point is, the things in our home are not clutter. I’m not sure they really have a name,they’re just part of our lives and collectively they make our lives all the better. There were some lovely comments made at the foot of the article but typically the one citing “clutter” has stuck with  me and so I just needed to have my say.

Here’s the article in its entirety, hope you like it. We all sound utterly but happily bonkers. Click the picture to go straight to

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