Absolutely Nothing To Talk About with Jools Oliver

Jools Oliver is not only mother to 4 gorgeous children and wife to the brilliant Jamie, but she has also just launched her very own children’s fashion collection, Little Bird, for Mothercare.

She’s beautiful, clever, creative and very very busy….and she still found time to talk to ANTW about all sorts of Absolutely Nothing…..

Absolutely Nothing To Make

It has to be make shift dens in the garden for the kids using blankets, chairs or  their climbing frame!!! The best ones are the ones we made in the wood as kids with sticks and branches. They stayed there for years if you hid them well.  We are teaching the kids how to make them now and it’s such good fun.

Absolutely Nothing To Do

I just discovered bike riding again after literally 25 years, shocking!!!! We went on a ride with all the children and it was such fun cycling through the countryside, legs in the air, flying down the hills and cycling to the swings, they were all so happy. It was a real trip down memory lane.

Jools and her Pendleton Somerby bike.
Photo copyright of Jamie Oliver

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To

I’ve just come back from a much needed holiday and it was so nice to be able to listen to  my husband with out any interruption from little people!!!!! He is really interesting!!!!!

Absolutely Nothing To Read

I’ve just finished Afterwards by Rosamund Upton. Such a lovely written book about a beautiful relationship between a mother and her children with a bit of who done it thrown in to keep you extra hooked. I loved it.

Absolutely Nothing To Buy

I just bought the girls a little digital camera and it’s fantastic to see them take their own pictures and then download them on the computer. They are better than us at all the techno stuff and their images are so lovely. They have a very different perspective on the world to us.

Absolutely Nothing To Watch

I just watched the Usain Bolt documentary, The Fastest Man Alive, in the build up to the Olympics and it was so inspiring, what a extraordinary man. I have so much respect for all athletes after watching this.

Absolutely Nothing To Eat

I’ve just started picking our tomatoes fresh from the polytunnel and adding them to courgettes, green beans, garlic and greens all from the garden. Roasted slowly they have the most fresh, unbelievable flavour.

Absolutely Nothing To Wear

So nice at last to wear a bikini as soon as the sun comes out. Feels so lovely and warm on the skin and great to be able to see all my kids playing in the garden naked!!!!

Absolutely Nothing To See

I’ve been taking the kids down to Audley End Miniature Railway nearly every day this Summer hols they love weaving through the woods on the little steam railway track screaming out at all the teddy bears hidden in the trees. We’ve had some fabulous picnics in the flowers too, very cute.

Audley End Miniature Railway

Absolutely Nothing To Cook

My daughters Poppy and Daisy make the best scones so we love freshly baked warm scones for tea with jam, butter and sometimes with sliced bananas and honey.

Absolutely Nothing To Love

When Mo Farrow won his gold the excitement in our house was unbelievable, such a great atmosphere. I just loved seeing the kids getting in to something so brilliant and inspiring.

Absolutely Nothing To Get Excited About

My new collection Little Bird just launched in Mothercare. It feels so amazing. I’m constantly excited and nervous to check my emails in the morning or the Mothercare website to see how the clothes are selling! It’s all such a new experience for me and it feels really amazing to have the chance to be creative for a change.

The launch of Little Bird at Mothercare

You can also catch Little Bird at this weekend’s Big Feastival in Oxfordshire. More HERE

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Suzanne and Lauren McGrath

Suzanne and Lauren McGrath are a mother–daughter interior design team who edit and write the design blog Good Bones Great Pieces. Suzanne is a former Style Editor and Producer at Martha Stewart Television and Lauren is a former fashion features writer for Teen Vogue magazine. They live in New York City and Rye, New York.



They took a break from their UK book launch to talk to ANTW about all kinds of Absolutely Nothing…..

Absolutely Nothing To Watch…

Girls on HBO. Lena Dunham’s writing is brilliant.


Absolutely Nothing To Eat…

Our favorite brunch spot at the moment is The Smile on Bond Street in NYC. It’s the cosiest restaurant in the city with the best baked eggs and avocado we’ve ever had.

Absolutely Nothing To Do…

Summer is the best time to go flea market and antique shopping and our number one stop is always Brimfield. It’s a tri-annual antique show that happens in May, July, and September where antique dealers from across America set up shop.


Absolutely Nothing To Cook…

Lauren and her friend Perrin recently threw a dinner party at a friend’s house in East Hampton with a Middle Eastern-inspired menu. The homemade tabouleh was a big hit. Check it out here



Absolutely Nothing To See…

The Browning Version


Absolutely Nothing To Wear…

Lace shift dresses by Joie



Absolutely Nothing To Get Excited About…

A “sleeper”- a great tag sale find / antique that turns out to be worth much more than its price tag reveals. Yes!


Absolutely Nothing To Read…

Our new book! Good Bones, Great Pieces: The Seven Essential Pieces To Carry You Through a Lifetime


Absolutely Nothing To Talk About with Dexter Fletcher

Dexter Fletcher photographed by David Loftus

Most will know him as Baby Face from Bugsy Malone or Soap from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I first knew him as the very handsome Spike, the American reporter on Press Gang and more recently as a man I’m lucky enough to call one of my most favourite friends.

He has the loudest and most infectious laugh I know, the most brilliant mind, a very clever eye and the voice of an angel (see clip at the bottom of the interview). Dexter Fletcher is the man of the moment thanks to his re- cent directorial debut, Wild Bill, which is in UK cinemas now and has been received with critical acclaim by some of our most formidable writers.

The Independent called it “The most affecting, funny, and sure-footed comedy-drama that we’re likely to see this year” whilst The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw wrote “Why can’t all British crime dramas be so well written and well acted, and have a splash of comedy as confident as this?”

So here he is talking film, fashion, music, poker, steak and lots more about Absolutely Nothing :

Absolutely Nothing To Direct

This is a tough one as some things should be left as they are but ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ is one of my all time favourite films. But I’m not so arrogant and stupid to think I could do it better than it’s already been done.

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To

My wife, Dalia, directs opera and as a result I have my moments of getting into some pretty classic stuff. She is currently directing ‘Manon Lescaut’ by Puccini. Always worth a listen.

Absolutely Nothing To Read

Just started ‘The Sister Brothers‘ by Patrick DeWitt a comic anti-western. Loving every page so reading it very slowly.

Absolutely Nothing To Watch

Don’t do masses of TV but I’m happy to sit through ‘The Incredibles’ anytime.

Absolutely Nothing To Do

Then I’ll reluctantly go to the gym and see my trainer Sebo. A 6ft 9inch bastard who tries to stop me eating bread.

Absolutely Nothing To Eat

Then I’ll go to Union Jacks in Holborn and eat flat bread pizza to die for. The best around and made with all British produce.

Absolutely Nothing To Cook

Get me a rib eye and I’ll rub it with garlic and bash it with rosemary. Sublime!

Absolutely Nothing To Laugh About

Anchorman with Will Farrell. Always delivers and Steve Carrels is great in it too.

Absolutely Nothing To Wear

I love my Japanese clothes and designers so I’ll go Dover Street Market for some Comme Des Garçons or 45 RPM but you’ll have to go to Paris to find the nearest shop.

Absolutely Nothing To See

Wander over to the Tate Modern. Free and always great.

Absolutely Nothing To Play

I play poker badly and the piano even worse.

Absolutely Nothing To Get Excited About

Since directing ‘Wild Bill’ things are getting very exciting and I get more and more scripts to read. I am developing a few different ideas but my dream is to still make a Western.

Absolutely Nothing To Sing

I did a charity fund raiser for my wife and got to sing Michael Buble’s ‘Everything’ with an 80 piece orchestra. You might find it on Youtube if you’re really bored. I had the time of my life….

Make sure you go and see Wild Bill as soon as you can. It’s one not to be missed and you’ll be seeing a lot more from this very clever man with the best hair in the business.

You can also see this interview on Sabotage Times

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About with Alison Edmond

Yorkshire born Alison Edmond now lives in LA with her husband and 3 children. She is the LA Editor for Harper’s Bazaar UK, Editor at Large for Marie Claire US, Los Angeles Ambassador for the British Fashion Council and stylist to the stars. Alison talked to ANTW about all kinds of Absolutely Nothing……

Alison Edmond with her two boys

Absolutely Nothing To Wear…..

Black, black, black … then I don’t have to think about it.

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To…..

Most of the music I listen to is dictated by my kids playing dj in my car.  So at the moment it’s a mix of Lupe Fiasco, anything by Jay Z, and an amazing new guy called Luke Christopher who’s songs I now know intimately and I have to say he’s really great.  He just turned 18 and was signed to Interscope on his birthday.  Look out Kanye!

Absolutely Nothing To Read…..

I just finished Life, Keith Richards which I loved, although trying to remember that’s only his side of the story and he probably can’t recall the more sordid details.  I also just re-read The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey, which was a book on my school curriculum which I remembered loving and wanted to revisit.  I loved it yet again, and envisioned the whole novel as a film starring Jon Hamm and Cate Blanchett (Hollywood Producer yet I’ll be!).  And also, just bought John Irving’s new book, Until I Find You, as A Prayer for Owen Meany is my favorite book ever.

Absolutely Nothing To Watch…..

Have seen a few amazing documentaries recently.  Obviously Inside Job, which is an excellent but absolutely infuriating note on the financial world’s collapse and all the heinous bankers and insurers who made huge sums of money from the rest of us losing.   When the Levees Broke, which is about Hurricane Katrina, and how the ensuing flooding nightmare in New Orleans was in fact caused by governmental contractor’s incompetence in not strengthening the city’s levees.  Bill Cunningham New York is the wonderful piece about the familiar street fashion photographer, whose integrity and honesty is incredibly touching and inspiring.  And the latest recommendation is Dear Zachary, which I have yet to see but I am told is one of the most moving pieces of film work to surface this year.

Absolutely Nothing To Eat…..

I only eat pomegranate seeds.  (Well I wish I did).  I crave them, love them and they are my candy.  Alone, or in my favorite salad – proscuitto, rocket, roasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and a little balsamic.

Absolutely Nothing To Buy…..

My new favorite gadget is the YUBZ phone headset!  It’s a retro hand held phone that attached to your cell and reduces 96% of the radiation.  Genius, fun, healthier, and above all nostalgic.

YUBZ Handset in jet black

Absolutely Nothing To See…..

Two great exhibitions – Art in the Streets, at MOCA, LA – unbelievable collection of work by graffiti artists from the 60’s through to the present day – just amazing, inspiring, and fantastic for kids too.  And also Tim Burton’s exhibition at LACMA – what an artist.  And in theatre, I have never seen anything quite like Warhorse.  I was just blown away by the techniques of the puppetry – quite the most beautiful performance art I have ever seen.  The story even becomes secondary to the grace and architecture of the horses.

Tim Burton at LACMA

Absolutely Nothing To Do…..

Go hiking in the hills above Mulholland Drive, LA.  It’s the most peaceful place even though sandwiched by Los Angeles on one side and the San Fernando Valley on the other.

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About…..

Never without a smile in my children’s company.  My daughter especially is, as my mother calls her, a complete tonic.  She radiates sunshine with her ever present happiness and crazy humour.  See below, hamming it up as usual.

To see examples of Alison’s work check out her website.

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About – Jenny Dyson

Jenny Dyson is the Creative Director of marketing agency PENCIL. She also publishes a ridiculous and brilliant magazine called RUBBISH and is the founding publisher of The London Fashion Week Daily. Here she talks to ANTW about all sorts of Absolutely Nothing…..

Jenny Dyson and Dot

Absolutely Nothing To Wear…..

I tend to develop crushes on my clothes. If they were my friends they would probably feel used and abused. I am all over one, wearing it on repeat for days and weeks at a time, washing and drying it overnight just to feel it on my skin again. But just when said item of clothing – currently purple jeans and a blue checked shirt with a button missing – is gearing up to be my full-time partner in fashion, I drop it / them on the floor, only to fall madly in love with another of my treasured cardis / dresses / coats.

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To…..

Bon Iver, Stevie Wonder, early David Bowie, WINGS and lots of what my daughter Dot refers to as Boiled Music. In other words, loud, dancey dancey music we can jump around to at home / in the car / on her bed.

Mrs Rubbish’ 3 top songs….at the moment. Just click to listen :

Silly Love Songs, Paul McCartney and Wings

Queen Bitch, David Bowie

Calgary, Bon Iver

Absolutely Nothing To Read…..

Jilly Cooper is my default novelist of choice, her early works are my absolute faves and I have been known to read them on rotation throughout the dark winter months. Also, a book called Nicholas by Goscinny and Sempe. I read that aloud to my son, Charlie Parsley. We literally wet ourselves whenever Alec, the fat greedy boy, makes an appearance. He always has a half eaten croissant in his pocket.

Nicholas by Rene Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempe

Absolutely Nothing To Watch…..

The Hour was brilliant. I also love You’ve Been Framed and Miranda.

Absolutely Nothing To Eat or Cook…..

Favourite things to eat – Sausages. Bananas. Rhubarb. Custard. Pies.

And my favourite restaurant is The Pig in the New Forest.

Absolutely Nothing To Buy…..

My Fashionable Finger Puppets, available from the RUBBISH Shop

Stefani aka Lady Gaga

Absolutely Nothing To See…..

As much of the outdoors as you can. We spend too much time inside. The key to long life and happiness is being outside, having lots of fun with your kids and your mates. When things get tricky at work, the best thing is to look up and see the sky. When things get tricky at home, go outside, count seven stars, check out the moon and all will seem a little calmer and more tranquil in the world.

Absolutely Nothing To Do…..

Run. I’ve just started running. I did 10k around Clapham in the Summer and it was brilliant, the training made me feel so much healthier, I slept better and I was able to justify more beer drinking (kinda). And, you have to walk by the sea as much as you can in this life too. We do that every weekend in Hampshire. There are some amazing seaside places all around this little island we inhabit. Get on a train and visit!

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About…..

I feel in general I have so much to smile about. I have two amazing kids, I am the ultimate riler of my company, PENCIL AGENCY, so I get to work with brilliant people and do creative things FOR A LIVING!!!! A good cup of Earl Grey tea with a splosh of milk will always raise a smile. As will as Tunnocks teacake, a wag of my dog Beano’s tail, a hug from my grumpy husband Nick and a tickle contest with Charlie and Dot.

Tunnocks Tea Cakes - guaranteed to make you smile

You can follow Jenny and her twittish Tweets here @Mrsrubbish

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Kate Davis-Macleod, Fashion Photographer

ANTW talks to Kate Davis-Macleod, the brilliant Fashion Photographer who has shot the likes of Karen Elson and David Tandy. She took a break from a hectic London Fashion Week to share all sorts of inspiring things about Absolutely Nothing…..

Absolutely Nothing To See…..

What with fashion weeks in full swing, I’ve been pretty focused on Style.com for all the latest shows, very impressed with Victoria Beckham’s first proper catwalk show in NY, and her diffusion line was gorgeous. Loved the pink and turquoise colour in Roksandas Ilincic’s show and want practically every dress from Peter PilotoGiles‘ show was spectacular, like watching a Ballet. Can’t wait to see what Milan & Paris bring….


Absolutely Nothing To Listen To…..

Ford and Lopatin, Channel Pressure.

Channel Pressure - click image to listen

Absolutely Nothing To Read…..

When God Was Rabbit by Sarah Winman

Absolutely Nothing To Wear…..

This very cool gold chain / harness from Miss Selfridge. Only £14.99! I love how it completely transforms a simple black dress or top.

Miss Selfridge Necklace

Absolutely Nothing To Watch…..

Mad Men Season 4. I also loved The Guardian’s shoot with Christina Hendricks in last weekend’s magazine, she looked amazing. If you want to dress like Mad Men then Banana Republic’s current collection is totally Mad Men inspired.

Absolutely Nothing To Eat or Cook…..

I’m slightly obsessed with Japanese food and have taught myself how to cook some of my favourites, such as Nobu Black Cod –  just add sake, miso, mirin & sugar, super easy to make yourself, a fraction of the price.  I have also been trying replicate a Japanese carrot & ginger dressing I used to live off in NY, I even feigned an allergic reaction once to try to get the ingredients from the chef! The closest I’ve found is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Carrot Detox Dressing on her Goop website – add honey though.

Absolutely Nothing To Buy…..

Ok, in my dreams!! A YSL cashmere cape… Or a pair of Tabitha Simmons Winklepicker black buckle boots – although Underground England has a pretty good copy!

YSL Cashmere Cape

Winklepicker Boots from Underground England

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About…..

My son, always.

Kate Davis-Macleod with her son

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Minnie Driver

She’s an Actress, Musician and Mother as well as being an extremely stylish, funny and inspiring lady.

Minnie Driver talks to Absolutely Nothing To Wear about all sorts of Absolutely Nothing…..

Absolutely Nothing To Wear…..

Times are hard. I can’t spend the usual on clothes for me, with my three year old now in school and growing like a weed. If I WERE to shop it would be at a series of stores near my house in LA called Lost and Found it is a heavenly place.

For now, I went shopping in my closet and found : very odd, never been worn, oatmeal canvas and red leather loafers from Tod’s. Sort of awful until you wear them with white shorts and your boyfriend’s cotton knit, navy blue, fisherman’s sweater.

Also, a black silk Vionnet shift dress which I was vehemently told NOT to belt by a stylist but which obviously looks far better belted. ( I found a very thin dark green leather one from J Crew)

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To…..

Here is a play-list that will make you very happy…

Bonnie Raitt – I ain’t blue
Donny Hathaway – A song for you
Neil Young – Long may you run
The Beatles – Across the Universe
Brandi Carlile – If there was no you
Sade – Paradise
Feist – Mushaboom

Absolutely Nothing To Read…..

The New Yorker; extremely funny, poignant, wildly diverse subject matter from the world’s best journalists/authors.

And Middlemarch by George Eliot; I read it on a beach in Greece once and the juxtaposition of book and location was thrillingly inappropriate and enjoyable.

Absolutely Nothing To Watch…..

Fishtank, directed by Andrea Arnold.  She is just a brilliant director and Michael Fassbender is about as good as it gets.

The Inbetweeners – you can keep your Madmen, I love the boys.

Absolutely Nothing To Eat…..

I just got a new grill and if I can get it at the market, its been grilled. Favourite combination so far is fresh pineapple and salmon marinated in ginger, sliced up orange, soy sauce, agave and garlic. The pineapple caramelizes and the fish gets the crispiest most delicious skin you’ve ever tasted. Ridiculous.

Absolutely Nothing To Do…..

Nature walks with my son. We make a list of things we’d like to find. I try to add seasonal likelihoods to balance out the dinosaurs. We take a bag and it becomes a lovely, lazy treasure hunt.

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About…..

On the morning of his second day of school ever I woke my son up saying  ” Come on chicken you’ve got to get up and go to school” and he looked at me askance and said “Again?

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Helen Seamons, Observer Fashion

Helen Seamons is Deputy Fashion Editor on The Observer and one of the most stylish ladies we know. Here she shares some of her top tips and brilliant ideas about all kinds of Absolutely Nothing….

Absolutely Nothing To Wear….

I love Zara, their website looks brilliant and the advertising seduces me ever time. I find it hard to leave the store without buying something. I really want this coat (see pic) and just brought a fab faux pony skin leopard bag (pictured). I will definitely head there pre fashion week to ease my “what to wear to shows” panic.

I also love Theory for trousers, they fit curves well.

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To….

The radio, my iPod is completely empty. (I know that’s really weird)

Absolutely Nothing To Do….

Go to Harrods and ogle at ‘Coco in Wonderland’ It promises to be ‘une promenade’ through the world of Chanel and if it’s anything like the spectacles that Karl puts on in Paris it will be well worth a visit.

Absolutely Nothing To Eat or Cook….

Welsh cakes! I just visited Barry Island, home to Gavin and Stacey and now all I can think about is Welsh cakes, they are delicious with a cup of tea. Luckily good old M&S stock them so this fix can continue.

Absolutely Nothing To Buy….

I’m dreaming about buying Miu Miu’s glitter shoes

Glitter and Suede pictured, £555 from Net-A-Porter

Absolutely Nothing To See….

I can’t wait to go and see Corinne Day: The Face exhibition at Gimpel Fils gallery, we just covered it for the magazine and I’m desperate to get down and see it in person.

30 Davies Street London W1K 4NB UK tel. +44 (0)20 7493 2488

I also loved the Hungarian Photography of the 20th Century exhibition at Royal Academy, it’s beautiful and very inspiring. Robert Capa’s war photographs were the most thought-provoking.

Robert Capa, 'Death of a Loyalist Militiaman', 1936

Martin Munkácsi, 'Nude in Straw Hat', 1944

Absolutely Nothing To Read….

Twitter, I’m a borderline addict.

(You can follow Helen on Twitter @helenseamons)

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About….

My best friend on any subject, she is hilarious.

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Amy Molyneaux from PPQ

Amy Molyneaux is the Creative Director / Owner of fashion label PPQ which was formed in London in 1992.

I’ve been a devoted fan and wearer of all things PPQ for a very long time and couldn’t live without a single item. They are without a doubt my favourite British label.

ANTW talks to Amy Molyneaux about all kinds of Absolutely Nothing….

Amy Molyneaux


Absolutely Nothing To Read

Bring on The Empty Horses by David Niven. He’s such a brilliant writer. And for someone to have been to war and then be so gracious with the Hollywood fraternity, makes me smile.

Post Office by Charles Bukowski also managed to inspire me and get me back to reading after a spate of boredom.

Absolutely Nothing To Watch

I love BBC 4 documentaries. Especially ones about the Circus and Submarines.

Absolutely Nothing To See

Cinderella performed by The Royal Ballet at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About

My fantastic PPQ team

Absolutely Nothing To Wear

Knickers from Agent Provocateur. I also always carry a black cashmere cardigan in my bag wherever I go. It’s my wardrobe staple.

Absolutely Nothing To Buy

Condiments from Waitrose. They sell the best in town.

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To

The Greg Foat Group

Absolutely Nothing To Whisper About

Falke Body Wear – the polo necks and tights are an all-in-one must for the cold weather.

PPQ AW 2011

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Lisa Ispani from Tallulah and Hope

Every Wednesday ANTW will be having a mid-week chat with someone we think knows an awful lot, about Absolutely Nothing…..

Lisa Ispani is the co-founder of Tallulah and Hope who make the most fabulous modern beachwear and are an ANTW fashion favourite.

Absolutely Nothing To Wear…..

Tallulah and Hope Hero kaftan because you can literally throw it on and you’re good to go. I stretch wearing one into Autumn by layering over a long-sleeved American Apparel top and jeans.

Merchant Archive in West London is my absolute favourite vintage boutique. Sophie the owner has an exquisite eye and also stocks contemporary pieces and accessories. I bought my Karen Walker sunglasses there which I wore rampantly on holiday.

T&H Hero kaftan and Karen Walker sunglasses both pictured above

Absolutely Nothing To Read…..

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh is the story of an incredibly inspiring entrepreneur who took Zappos.com to making over a billion dollars in gross sales over just 10 years.

Absolutely Nothing To Do…..

I recently visited therapist Marlene Munoz , who came highly recommended. I had a Chi Rejuvenation Facial which combines classic French facial massage techniques with the ancient Chinese therapy, acupressure, all designed specifically to rejuvenate the face. It was so enjoyable and the next day I was asked for ID in Waitrose (honestly) when I was buying alcohol – I’m 36!

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To……

The Bronx (a hardcore American rock band from LA) released a ‘Mariachi’ album El Bronx under their alter ego Mariachi El Bronx
it’s amazing and joyful I cannot stop listening it!

Absolutely Nothing To Eat…..

The Bread Pudding with Caramel ice-cream from Canteen, I just can’t say no!

Absolutely Nothing To Buy…..

Anything from Sonia Rykiel

Absolutely Nothing To See…..

Tracy Emin’s Love is What You Want retrospective exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.  I love her, her art and her style!

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About…..

Zoe, my business partner and the other half of Tallulah & Hope, laugh all the time! You need to keep a sense of humour when you’re starting a business to help counteract the stress.

I am also loving the HBO series ‘Bored to Death’ . Ted Danson is a revelation in it, the show is very very funny, a must watch.