Absolutely Nothing To Talk About with Jools Oliver

Jools Oliver is not only mother to 4 gorgeous children and wife to the brilliant Jamie, but she has also just launched her very own children’s fashion collection, Little Bird, for Mothercare.

She’s beautiful, clever, creative and very very busy….and she still found time to talk to ANTW about all sorts of Absolutely Nothing…..

Absolutely Nothing To Make

It has to be make shift dens in the garden for the kids using blankets, chairs or  their climbing frame!!! The best ones are the ones we made in the wood as kids with sticks and branches. They stayed there for years if you hid them well.  We are teaching the kids how to make them now and it’s such good fun.

Absolutely Nothing To Do

I just discovered bike riding again after literally 25 years, shocking!!!! We went on a ride with all the children and it was such fun cycling through the countryside, legs in the air, flying down the hills and cycling to the swings, they were all so happy. It was a real trip down memory lane.

Jools and her Pendleton Somerby bike.
Photo copyright of Jamie Oliver

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To

I’ve just come back from a much needed holiday and it was so nice to be able to listen to  my husband with out any interruption from little people!!!!! He is really interesting!!!!!

Absolutely Nothing To Read

I’ve just finished Afterwards by Rosamund Upton. Such a lovely written book about a beautiful relationship between a mother and her children with a bit of who done it thrown in to keep you extra hooked. I loved it.

Absolutely Nothing To Buy

I just bought the girls a little digital camera and it’s fantastic to see them take their own pictures and then download them on the computer. They are better than us at all the techno stuff and their images are so lovely. They have a very different perspective on the world to us.

Absolutely Nothing To Watch

I just watched the Usain Bolt documentary, The Fastest Man Alive, in the build up to the Olympics and it was so inspiring, what a extraordinary man. I have so much respect for all athletes after watching this.

Absolutely Nothing To Eat

I’ve just started picking our tomatoes fresh from the polytunnel and adding them to courgettes, green beans, garlic and greens all from the garden. Roasted slowly they have the most fresh, unbelievable flavour.

Absolutely Nothing To Wear

So nice at last to wear a bikini as soon as the sun comes out. Feels so lovely and warm on the skin and great to be able to see all my kids playing in the garden naked!!!!

Absolutely Nothing To See

I’ve been taking the kids down to Audley End Miniature Railway nearly every day this Summer hols they love weaving through the woods on the little steam railway track screaming out at all the teddy bears hidden in the trees. We’ve had some fabulous picnics in the flowers too, very cute.

Audley End Miniature Railway

Absolutely Nothing To Cook

My daughters Poppy and Daisy make the best scones so we love freshly baked warm scones for tea with jam, butter and sometimes with sliced bananas and honey.

Absolutely Nothing To Love

When Mo Farrow won his gold the excitement in our house was unbelievable, such a great atmosphere. I just loved seeing the kids getting in to something so brilliant and inspiring.

Absolutely Nothing To Get Excited About

My new collection Little Bird just launched in Mothercare. It feels so amazing. I’m constantly excited and nervous to check my emails in the morning or the Mothercare website to see how the clothes are selling! It’s all such a new experience for me and it feels really amazing to have the chance to be creative for a change.

The launch of Little Bird at Mothercare

You can also catch Little Bird at this weekend’s Big Feastival in Oxfordshire. More HERE

2 Comments on “Absolutely Nothing To Talk About with Jools Oliver”

  1. Thalia Moores says:

    Ahhh, Jools is so lovely and so down to earth! I love her silk top….where is it from?

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