Absolutely Nothing To Wear started life as just me, Mel, talking about clothes, fashion and various other things which I felt had a place and which I wanted to share. Now this little blog is lucky enough to include the contributions of some very fine and interesting people indeed.

This page will be regularly updated with a little bit about each of them.

Victoria Moss

Victoria Moss is Fashion Features Editor at InStyle UK magazine. She and her beloved shoe collection reside in East London. She doesn’t believe in cheap footwear, but she does believe in having a small vodka prior to embarking on any household cleaning activity, it just makes it that bit more bearable.

If you like, you can follow her on twitter @missVmoss

She also blogs. Click here

Micki Myers

Micki Myers is a writer based in Pittsburgh PA. She is the author of Trigger Finger, a book of poetry about shooting things (cameras and guns), and writes about art for Maniac Exchange, music for The Inky Jukebox, antarctic exploration at Scott’s Last Blog, and will shortly be sharing the adventures of R2D2 and C3PO as they slowly rust at Two Old Droids. When she isn’t writing, she teaches literature, grows organic vegetables, cooks things, paints fruit portraits, makes old-fashioned quilts, takes strange photographs, and raises two children. When she isn’t doing any of these, she has a nice glass of wine and a sit down. She can be found at


Nick Moss

Brother of Mel, cousin of Victoria and an all round Moss, Nick has given up doing nothing and is trying to be a screenwriter.
Before he realised letters went together to make words Nick worked for some people and made some videos, there are a few here
Hopefully, in time, there’ll be a two hour video with actors saying some words that Nick wrote.


Zebedee Helm

Zebedee Helm, artist, writer and person – he lives off food and his interests include salt.


Samantha Taylor

Sam is a self confessed Jack-Of-All-Trades, and master of none – trained as a journalist, she bounced around fashion and media in various ‘unspectacular’ guises before meeting Mr Right, marrying and upping sticks in the mid noughties to China to be a ‘Trailing Spouse’. With more time on her hands she began to indulge her love of all things crafty, ‘found’ Etsy and ran a small online craft supplies business. She still dabbles, but is now, mostly, a full time Mummy to two very busy boys, and hopes to return to her homeland in the not too distant future to nest in the country.

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