Absolutely Nothing To Talk About – Jenny Dyson

Jenny Dyson is the Creative Director of marketing agency PENCIL. She also publishes a ridiculous and brilliant magazine called RUBBISH and is the founding publisher of The London Fashion Week Daily. Here she talks to ANTW about all sorts of Absolutely Nothing…..

Jenny Dyson and Dot

Absolutely Nothing To Wear…..

I tend to develop crushes on my clothes. If they were my friends they would probably feel used and abused. I am all over one, wearing it on repeat for days and weeks at a time, washing and drying it overnight just to feel it on my skin again. But just when said item of clothing – currently purple jeans and a blue checked shirt with a button missing – is gearing up to be my full-time partner in fashion, I drop it / them on the floor, only to fall madly in love with another of my treasured cardis / dresses / coats.

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To…..

Bon Iver, Stevie Wonder, early David Bowie, WINGS and lots of what my daughter Dot refers to as Boiled Music. In other words, loud, dancey dancey music we can jump around to at home / in the car / on her bed.

Mrs Rubbish’ 3 top songs….at the moment. Just click to listen :

Silly Love Songs, Paul McCartney and Wings

Queen Bitch, David Bowie

Calgary, Bon Iver

Absolutely Nothing To Read…..

Jilly Cooper is my default novelist of choice, her early works are my absolute faves and I have been known to read them on rotation throughout the dark winter months. Also, a book called Nicholas by Goscinny and Sempe. I read that aloud to my son, Charlie Parsley. We literally wet ourselves whenever Alec, the fat greedy boy, makes an appearance. He always has a half eaten croissant in his pocket.

Nicholas by Rene Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempe

Absolutely Nothing To Watch…..

The Hour was brilliant. I also love You’ve Been Framed and Miranda.

Absolutely Nothing To Eat or Cook…..

Favourite things to eat – Sausages. Bananas. Rhubarb. Custard. Pies.

And my favourite restaurant is The Pig in the New Forest.

Absolutely Nothing To Buy…..

My Fashionable Finger Puppets, available from the RUBBISH Shop

Stefani aka Lady Gaga

Absolutely Nothing To See…..

As much of the outdoors as you can. We spend too much time inside. The key to long life and happiness is being outside, having lots of fun with your kids and your mates. When things get tricky at work, the best thing is to look up and see the sky. When things get tricky at home, go outside, count seven stars, check out the moon and all will seem a little calmer and more tranquil in the world.

Absolutely Nothing To Do…..

Run. I’ve just started running. I did 10k around Clapham in the Summer and it was brilliant, the training made me feel so much healthier, I slept better and I was able to justify more beer drinking (kinda). And, you have to walk by the sea as much as you can in this life too. We do that every weekend in Hampshire. There are some amazing seaside places all around this little island we inhabit. Get on a train and visit!

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About…..

I feel in general I have so much to smile about. I have two amazing kids, I am the ultimate riler of my company, PENCIL AGENCY, so I get to work with brilliant people and do creative things FOR A LIVING!!!! A good cup of Earl Grey tea with a splosh of milk will always raise a smile. As will as Tunnocks teacake, a wag of my dog Beano’s tail, a hug from my grumpy husband Nick and a tickle contest with Charlie and Dot.

Tunnocks Tea Cakes - guaranteed to make you smile

You can follow Jenny and her twittish Tweets here @Mrsrubbish

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