Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Amy Molyneaux from PPQ

Amy Molyneaux is the Creative Director / Owner of fashion label PPQ which was formed in London in 1992.

I’ve been a devoted fan and wearer of all things PPQ for a very long time and couldn’t live without a single item. They are without a doubt my favourite British label.

ANTW talks to Amy Molyneaux about all kinds of Absolutely Nothing….

Amy Molyneaux


Absolutely Nothing To Read

Bring on The Empty Horses by David Niven. He’s such a brilliant writer. And for someone to have been to war and then be so gracious with the Hollywood fraternity, makes me smile.

Post Office by Charles Bukowski also managed to inspire me and get me back to reading after a spate of boredom.

Absolutely Nothing To Watch

I love BBC 4 documentaries. Especially ones about the Circus and Submarines.

Absolutely Nothing To See

Cinderella performed by The Royal Ballet at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About

My fantastic PPQ team

Absolutely Nothing To Wear

Knickers from Agent Provocateur. I also always carry a black cashmere cardigan in my bag wherever I go. It’s my wardrobe staple.

Absolutely Nothing To Buy

Condiments from Waitrose. They sell the best in town.

Absolutely Nothing To Listen To

The Greg Foat Group

Absolutely Nothing To Whisper About

Falke Body Wear – the polo necks and tights are an all-in-one must for the cold weather.

PPQ AW 2011

One Comment on “Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Amy Molyneaux from PPQ”

  1. Micki Myers says:

    David Niven’s memoirs were among the first grown up books I ever read – they made quite an impression on a ten year-old, not least because the writing is so wonderful. Thanks for reminding me!

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