Absolutely Nothing To Watch – Bored To Death

Not many TV series escape my attention so when I find something of this caliber I’ve not seen, and with two whole seasons to watch, well it’s sad to say but I get quite excited.

After the success of his first novel, part time society columnist,  Jonathan Ames (Jason Schwartzman) is struggling with his second. He drinks too much wine and smokes too much weed, and as such his girlfriend has left him along with his inspiration (this is not a situation I can relate to. I haven’t written a novel).

So Jonathan does the only thing he can do in this situation. He puts an ad on Craig’s List and starts moonlighting as a private detective…with reasonable rates.

With Raymond Chandler in his pocket, noir in his veins and leather patches on his elbows Jonathan hits the bars, bordellos and burger joints of Brooklyn looking for missing sisters, lost dogs and cheating lovers.

With a little assistance from his best pal, and cartoonist, Ray (Zach Galifianakis – in one of his best roles). And some serious hindrance from his; part-time boss, full time lothario and occasional confidant George (Ted Danson – who steals the show) Jonathan Ames is the best ‘unlicensed’ PI out there.

Bored To Death is occasionally on Sky Atlantic or season one is available to by on DVD from Monday. Season two has already aired stateside with season three on the horizon so for those of you who know how, and don’t mind doing so, there are other ways of procuring this sensational show. The way I see it, I pay for Sky and it’s going to be broadcast eventually….is that so wrong?

Oh and did I mention it has one of the best opening titles ever….


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