Is it better to smell like your mother or your mother in law?

My husband isn’t really one for lady fragrances, he refers to perfume as aftershave, but then again he doesn’t know the difference between a skirt and a dress, so you can see the problem.

I’ve often asked him if he likes my perfume, likes the smell, thinks of me when he smells it, that kind of thing  and he’s always said, “yes yes, it’s lovely”. I wear YSL Rive Gauche….or at least I did until the other day when I asked the same question and he replied, “yes I really like it, reminds me of my Mum”. Is that a good thing? I don’t know. Should it worry me? Do I want to remind my husband of his Mum?

So, I was coming to the end of my bottle of regular Rive Gauche and decided that rather than buying more, I’d have a change. So, I looked through the myriad bottles of half worn perfume which line my bathroom shelf, and decided to go for Coco by Chanel, which I’ve always loved….and which reminds me of my Mum. You can see where this is going. One evening, wearing said perfume, we were lying on the sofa watching CSI, in that precious hour between the kids and our own bed time, and suddenly he said ;

“I really like your new aftershave”

“It’s the one my Mum always wears” I replied, testingly.

“That’s ok” he said, nuzzling a little closer.

But is it ok? Who should I smell like, my mum or my mother in law? Or should I just start completely from scratch and find a whole new smell.

Oh the dilemmas I find myself in. Life is really never simple.



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