Rainy bank holidays and palazzo jump suits

I know it would probably be much more fun if the sun was shining and we were all outside, but I secretly rather love rainy weekends. It’s the perfect excuse to hang out with the kids and watch cartoons and not feel too horribly guilty.

So while they lose themselves in adventures with Droopy Dog, I’m reading yesterday’s paper (magazine) and have found myself drawn to a sheer palazzo jumpsuit by Dorothy Perkins. Can I? Should I? Is it the perfect answer to a Summer holiday outfit, or will it scare my husband?

When I was about 18, I had a palazzo trouser suit from Jigsaw. I loved it. It was silk, with wide fabulous floating trousers and a loose fitted blouse/jacket. I wore the blouse buttoned to the top with the collar neatly pressed and finished it all off with a pair of Pro Keds plimsolls. I never worried then about how to wear that style of trouser, I just liked them. I didn’t care about whether they were in or out or flattering or totally impractical. They made me feel grown up and well dressed and a bit different from all the other girls in short shorts and maxi dresses. But almost 20 years on, maybe I should just keep that as a happy memory and not spoil it with a huge palazzo sized mistake.

I might just have a little peek online and put it in the shopping basket until after lunch. Things are always much sheerer after a full roast dinner.

UPDATE – so it would appear it’s not online so I think it might be out of my system. I did however just buy a Plantable Record from www.thebalconygardener.com. A suitably seventies style purchase to ease the longing.


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