Potted Rabbit and Prada Handbags

I’ve learned many things since moving to the countryside. I know all about “local produce” and “free range organic” and I’ve even pressed my own apple juice, but when it comes to country-shire fashion, I’m still a little lost.

It’s been almost 2 years since I left London. I never had any trouble dressing for the wilds of Willesden but things out here are very very different.  The best way to describe the style here is eclectic, expensive and slightly eccentric. My husband found himself coveting a pair of mustard cords (after a bottle of wine) and I’ve almost had my heart broken by the price tag on a Bamford gilet but we pulled ourselves together and I’m pleased to say clothes wise, nothing has really changed.

I do however struggle with what to wear when invited to a dinner party, or a playdate lunch or afternoon tea. I always end up looking like I’ve made far too much effort, which is never good, and just a little bit too “fashion”. The general look here seems to be skinny, polished and rather formulaic – expensive skinny jeans, cashmere cardigans, organic cotton tees, knee high boots and a very expensive Prada handbag. I admire it, I’m actually a little jealous of it, but it’s not me and the danger when you enter in to any kind of new situation, is trying to be something you’re not.

So today we went to the Annual Food Fair at The Plough  in Kingham which was recently listed in Country Life as being England’s Favourite Village. Quite an accolade and admittedly well deserved.  Being just 1 mile from the fabulous Daylesford Organic, it attracts the well healed and well fed…..not overweight, just people who like good food and pretty things. So my children feasted on fresh apple juice and chocolate cake while my husband drank Cotswold lager, sampled the local Perry cider and devoured a roast pork and apple bap. I spent most of my time eaves dropping on the next door table where a young couple, up from London for a friend’s birthday, were having the most fabulous argument as to whether a jar of Potted Rabbit and 2 Pork Pies made the perfect birthday present. He said yes, she a very firm NO. And off they trotted to Daylesford.

So what were they all wearing. Well nothing that exciting really. There were lots of little girls in very pretty dresses with flowers in their hair and welly boots on their feet escorted by mothers in skinny jeans, Breton tees and blazers. All very modern and well turned out. The men weren’t really anything to write home about. Just lots of boring shirts, badly fitting jeans and hangovers. Not wanting to be biased, I think my son won the style prize today in his Cos navy harrington jacket, my Celine cotton scarf and his Little Lucky Seven army cap. He was the only person there who remained looking cool whilst being happy, warm and wonderfully oblivious.





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