Hair Cuts : Is Grey the New Black?

I’m going grey. They’ve started catching the light when I look in the mirror and I’m not sure I like it. I always said it wouldn’t bother me when it happened but it turns out I was wrong, I’m not sure I’m ready for silvery locks quite yet.

So, what do I do? Do I attempt a self colour when the children are in bed – I have one I bought in France which came recommended – or do I make a day of it. I’m thinking this might be something worth making an occasion of. It could be my perfect reason to escape for an entire day and sit in a chair, alone, quietly.

I’ve never had my hair coloured and I’m terrified of making a huge mistake. I may well end up with something much worse than my current combination of dark brown with a hint of silver.

For now I shall remain grey and confused and enjoy this cartoon instead.

Haircut Strip by Zebedee Helm

One Comment on “Hair Cuts : Is Grey the New Black?”

  1. Ann Binns says:

    Go to a good hair salon and they will do it just like your original color but without the grey. You are far too young to even contemplate becoming a silver lady, way too young!!!! Loved the cartoon!

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