Too old for Mickey Mouse?

I’m wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt today. It’s a vintage one, I hasten to add. Bought at a flea market in Los Angeles. But despite always having a bit of a craving for such a t-shirt, I feel like a fraud. It doesn’t suit me and I think i might be trying to be part of a gang which doesn’t really want me.

I was at a party in LA just before I bought the t-shirt. It was a warehouse, arty sort of party in downtown LA where artists and beautiful people hung out with their hangers on. We were supposed to be there. We were invited in fact, but still felt just a little out of place. Anyway, whilst I was watching a leggy blonde hitting the life out of a Yo Gabba Gabba pinata, in walked a leggy brunette wearing black leggings, short biker boots, a mickey mouse t-shirt and a black blazer. She looked properly cool. It was just about everything I like all rolled in to one outfit.

So, in the following days I decided that I too wanted a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Something I had steered clear of for many many years. I found one, in fact I found two, and I bought them both for the princely sum of $8.

Today is the first day I’ve ever worn my t-shirt. I’m wearing it over a long sleeve white cotton tee with my skinny blue jeans and my sheepskin slipper boots. I don’t think it works.


6 Comments on “Too old for Mickey Mouse?”

  1. Phil Bedford says:

    Bet it does work MB. Pure classic! x

  2. Micki Myers says:

    One is never too old for a Mickey Mouse anything. Like ears, for instance…

  3. Ann Binns says:

    Never too old for Micky Mouse and I am sure you look cool you always do! Maybe little boots might be more appropriate than furry slippers but who cares!!! Love, love reading your blog and look for new posts everyday!

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