A wonderful week doing Absolutely Nothing

I think this might just have been one of my favourite weeks of Absolutely Nothing. It’s quality not quantity after all…..she says hopefully.

We launched Absolutely Nothing To Talk About, our new mid-week Q&A, and this week Lisa Ispani from Tallulah and Hope gave us wise words and stylish secrets about all sorts of Absolutely Nothing.

We’ve also had some hilarious cartoons from Zebedee Helm which has cheered us along and I’ve once again delved in to my sometimes blurry fashion consciousness to share a few things I’ve loved and pondered.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it all and if you want a weekly roundup delivered straight to your inbox every Monday morning, just click on the Weekly Subscription tab on the homepage.

Absolutely Nothing To Buzz About : A sweet little love story by Micki Myers

Absolutely Nothing To Wear : Fashion Copycats, flattering or infuriating? by Mel Moss

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Lisa Ispani from Tallulah and Hope by Mel Moss

Hair Cuts : Is grey the new black? by Mel Moss with cartoon by Zebedee Helm

Absolutely Nothing To Wear : A crash course in Capes by Mel Moss

Blackbird Types by Zebedee Helm

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