Absolutely Nothing To Wear : Shoes glorious shoes

I’m not feeling terribly fashionably inspired at the moment. I’m going through one of those phases where I dress in pretty much the same things day in day out and it’s getting a little bit boring. So, to try and reignite a bit of interest in my own wardrobe, I decided – under slight duress from my husband – to have a shoe sort out. Not a clear out, although that’s what he was hoping for, but a lovely, time wasting sort out, which basically amounts to looking at them all and putting them neatly back in their boxes.

I have quite a few pairs of shoes (60+) and since the children arrived and I welcomed countryside living, I don’t really wear any of them anymore but the thought of parting with a single pair is completely unthinkable. Why is that? I even have ones which don’t fit me properly – too big or too small – but I hold on to them with a just in case sort of attitude. Just in case my feet shrink? Ridiculous.

So, did my shoe sort out work as a source of inspiration? Yes it did. It inspired me to wear my red Celine wellington boots for our Sunday afternoon walk…..which are now covered in mud and suffered a minor scratch in the woods. Straight back in to the box they go.

I’m going to photograph a few said pairs when I get a minute on my own iPhone….my 3 year old uses it more than I do. I think some of them need to be shared in picture form, they deserve that much at least.

For now, I want these please YSL…..to wear on long walks with the children, obviously.

3 Comments on “Absolutely Nothing To Wear : Shoes glorious shoes”

  1. Perhaps one of the reasons your husband wanted a clear out was that he would much rather see these swinging from the end of your legs rather than sitting in the back of your cupboard. Get going down the pub in them…

  2. zoe holborough says:

    I am in LOVE!!

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