Making medicine – my new addiction

Yesterday, when having morning coffee with a friend, I learned something about our current state of mind (worrying about everything) and apparent addiction to the Daily Mail website. Oh dear, what on earth has happened to us. I’m putting both down to age and too much time on our hands – by time, I mean the time spent running around after children, not the time spent lounging around reading magazines. That would be ridiculous. I definitely subscribe to the first problem, the worrying. I worry about everything, I worry about worrying. I worry when I have nothing to really worry about. My old age (I’m not really very old I just behave as if I am) has me worrying about my health and my family’s health all the time. It’ll probably be the worrying that gets me in the end.

Because I’m a worrier I actually live a pretty healthy and sensible (prudish) life and being a relative new-comer to countryside dwelling, have come to embrace nature and the natural. My latest discovery in the world of natural remedies and ways to enhance your life and health is this brilliant book, Kitchen Medicine – Household remedies for common ailments and domestic emergencies. I think it could be my new addiction. I’m currently drying rosemary and thyme sticks which I will burn and  “waft” around the room to promote well being and clear air. I’m definitely making some rosemary wine (to aid circulation) and will be making fenugreek tea  to take as tonic when the next cold and flu hits the house….which, judging by probability, should be some time next week. The book is full of easy remedies which can be created in minutes using all sorts of things we have lurking in the spices cupboard or growing in the garden. Or failing that, things we can easily pick up in the shops. Cinnamon is apparently particularly good for treating sinus infections, chesty coughs and head colds, all of which are regular visitors to this household. So next time, we won’t be drugging ourselves with Night Nurse but warming our insides with star anise tea and a shot of cinnamon vodka in a bedroom sweet with rosemary and thyme and sleeping like babies with not a worry in the world.



For those with the Daily Mail website addiction I’m afraid I can’t help. Cold turkey seems to be the only way. Repeat after me – I don’t need to see Tulisa in a bikini doing whatever it is she does or a Middleton in pastel jeans (I’m guessing) or the some poor overweight orange person. Look at Pinterest instead, you’ll find the same pictures without the gutter press guilt.

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