Absolutely Nothing To Wear : Very Lovely Patent Brogues (which I should have shared sooner)

I’m not usually very sharing when it comes to fashion finds. And by that I mean the clothing and shoe types of finds. Mainly because I like to think that I’m the only person in the whole wide world who owns that particular item. Even when I’ve bought it from one of the busiest online stores in the whole wide world. So, for that reason, I’ve been keeping these to myself for a couple of weeks but seeing as I am far from unique and in fact probably dress like 99% of the population (over 35) I’ve decided it’s time to share them.

I present to you the Maurice Brogue, courtesy of the one and only ASOS. I saw them in Living Etc, they not only provided a welcome relief from the more of the same interior ideas but they were just kind of snuck in, quietly, when they probably should have had their own entire page. I always most like the objects which don’t really fit in, which have no reason for being there other than that the stylist took a fancy to them and hoped to make them theirs, permanently.

But what really made me take notice was the price, they were £38 which for a patent leather brogue seemed pretty good. And, seeing as the main reason I read these magazines is in the hope of finding a bargain to satisfy my online shopping needs, it was pretty much ideal. But the reason I’m really sharing them is because I did go online and I did buy them and they were in fact reduced to £26 and I now have them and they are simply, perfectly lovely. They shall be my daily Summer brogue (that’s how I’ve sold them to myself) and they are currently positioned in front of my wardrobe where I can see them, which for now, and for the duration of these April showers, will just have to be good enough.

Get them while it’s still raining. No one in their right mind (or of shoe size 5 or 6) would buy a pair of patent brogues in this kind of weather.


Maurice Leather and Patent Brogue from ASOS, £26



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