Absolutely Nothing To Wear : Coat vs Husband

What do you do when you have a piece of clothing (in this instance, it’s a coat) which you absolutely love and which you’re pretty sure is both stylish and in-offensive but which your husband absolutely hates. Not just the sort of “I’m not really sure about that” kind of hate or disinterested kind of hate but proper, unrequited hatred. The sort of hatred which actually causes arguments every single time he sees it or even hears it being mentioned.

The coat in question is a beautiful TSE cashmere cocoon coat in a soft mushroom grey. It gives me the most enormous joy every time I wear it. I actually get excited about wearing it and trying it with different outfits. I haven’t felt like this about a piece of clothing in a very long time. I don’t usually really care about what other people think about my style choices and I’ve made some shocking mistakes in the past because of it, but this time I’m absolutely certain that I am right and he is very wrong. This coat is commented on by almost every single lady I meet, they admire it, stroke it and on more than a few occasions the words “ooh, is that Celine” have been uttered. You see, it must be fabulous. But I do, annoyingly, care what my husband thinks. I wouldn’t if it were just a snippy remark now and then but it actually forces him to carry another coat in the back of the car in the hope that I’ll change before going out in public. It’s starting to get to me a little and determined as I am to be myself and wear what I WANT, I’ve started leaving the house in my parka and folding my cashmere cocoon in a very big satchel and changing when out of view. Completely ridiculous.

So, dear husband, please stop going on and on about the coat. The more you go on about it, the more I’ll be determined to wear it, albeit in secret. Maybe use the energy to concentrate on your own wardrobe. Just saying.

One Comment on “Absolutely Nothing To Wear : Coat vs Husband”

  1. Ann Binns says:

    If it is TSE cashmere it cannot be bad!!! I worked at the Stanford store for a few yrs and it is truly amazing and lasts forever!

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