Absolutely Nothing To Bake : Banana Bread

It’s pretty fair to say that Banana Bread – or “cake” depending on what you want to call it – is baked very frequently in this house. It comes down to fickle children and parents desperate to feed them their 5 a day. Most weeks we end up with a few sorry looking bananas and the only sensible thing to do is to put them in a cake.

I have my one fool proof and favourite recipe passed to me by my Mum. It’s easier than easy and the best bit is it all goes in one bowl and can be stirred with one wooden spoon.

So here it is. The recipe is from Katie Stewart, The Times Cookery Book and it’s accompanied by a rather bright photo of this afternoon’s banana baking – courtesy of me.

Ps. I don’t put the cherries in but that’s just because I don’t much like glace cherries.

The Times Cookery Book by Katie Stewart

Banana Bread

225 g     self raising flour
Pinch of cinnamon
100g     butter
150g     castor sugar
100g     sultanas & raisins
25g    chopped walnuts
100g    glace cherries, rinsed
2 lge    eggs
450g    ripe bananas

Sift flour with cinnamon into large mixing basin. Add the cold butter cut into pieces and rub in until crumbly. Add sugar, sultanas, raisons, walnuts and glace cherries. Mix together and hollow out the centre of ingredients.
Beat eggs and mix with mashed bananas then fold in gently but thoroughly to the mixture.
Line a buttered 23 x 13 x 5cm loaf tine with a strip of greaseproof paper cut to cover the base and opposite ends. Pour in the mixture and spread evenly. Place in centre of moderate oven 180c and bake for approx 90mins. (I think that cooking time could be a bit long, so check after 75 mins and put tin foil over cake if getting too brown)
Cool before removing from the tin.


Banana Cake

One Comment on “Absolutely Nothing To Bake : Banana Bread”

  1. Ann Binns says:

    I will try this next time I have mushy bananas in my fruit bowl! I think I will do more walnuts and leave out the other stuff and see how that works. Thanks

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