Absolutely Nothing To Wear : Meeting the Headmaster with Zara

I’m having one of those weeks. Nothing seems to be going quite the way I’d like it. I’m hugely tired, thanks to two snotty toddlers, feeling rather overwhelmed by both work and everyday chores and all of these things are having a weird and altogether unsettling effect on the way I’m dressing.

I keep getting it totally wrong. And this weather, heat wave in September / very nearly October, isn’t helping one bit. It doesn’t feel right to be wearing Summer clothes on  the 29th September yet it’s far too hot to be wearing any of my Autumnal acquisitions. Which leaves me in that horrid in between season limbo where nothing feels quite right and I keep leaving the house in totally the wrong things. Admittedly I don’t see that many people out here in the Countryshire but this only makes it all the more important when I do.

Monday was a disaster. I turned up at nursery around Midday to a whole group of chatty, groomed Mummies all wearing t-shirts, vests, pretty dresses, sandals, capri trousers…..you get the idea….whilst I (already somewhat the black sheep in the crowd) appeared in jeans, a tartan flannel shirt and my Tallulah and Hope navy cape. Now, I can barely think up small talk at the best of times but even making eye contact was a struggle through the searing heat of the playground. I couldn’t get out of there quick enough.

Tuesday was a work day and although I did succumb to a dress rather than jeans, I still couldn’t do the complete bare leg and summer shoe thing so I opted for ankle sock and brogue.  I looked like I should be going to school rather than a grown up office but at least I was cooler (temperately) and could hold a better conversation (ish).

So Tuesday afternoon I did what anyone would do in this situation, I went online and shopped. You see, I knew that come Thursday lunch time I needed to have this nonsense sorted out, as we were due to meet the Headmaster at my 3 year olds’ soon to be new school. My husband had even committed to wearing a shirt and leaving his hat at home, so I knew I needed to make some form of effort and get it right. First stop ASOS.com, but all I wanted on there was knitwear and parkas so off I went to Zara.com. What a lovely website, I’d never been there before but I could have snapped up all kinds of things but this was neither the time or the budget so I focused on what would get me presentably through the next couple of weeks while the sun continued to shine and was suitable for school, work, home and headmaster meeting appointments.

I came away with 2 stripey tops. Boring? Yes, maybe. Useful and comfortable? Very. Both can be worn with jeans and smartened up with trousers. Both involve navy rather than black, which works perfectly in this un-seasonal weather weirdness and best of all they arrived this morning and in the nick of time.

I now had the perfect wardrobe update for a trip to meet the Headmaster of a very lovely little country school – stripes are ALL the rage round this way. I wore the navy, white and red one with my smartest dark blue jeans rolled up just above the ankle, with my red flat pumps and carried my Celine chocolate tote. A nautical inspired relaxed sort of look and if outfits could speak, I’m sure it would have said something along the lines of  “I’m always well turned out whatever the weather and my children are clean and well behaved”.  And when accessorised with a one year old in almost exactly the same outfit and a husband with clean hair, I’m hoping it was just the ticket.

Thank you Zara, I’m feeling much calmer now.

Headmaster T-Shirt, Zara, £15.99

Stripe knit with elbow patches, Zara, £19.99

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