A Wonderful Week Doing Absolutely Nothing

It’s been a rather Autumnal week on ANTW as we bid farewell to school holidays and hello to new season clothes.

We’ve chatted with Amy from PPQ who has given us tips about all sorts of Absolutely Nothing, we’ve loved and laughed with Lanvin, heard tales of a very modern Thailand adventure and shared some AW must haves, whilst reminiscing about Miu Miu. Lovely.

Absolutely Nothing To Watch : Lanvin AW 2011 / 12 by Mel Moss

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About : Amy Molyneaux from PPQ by Mel Moss

Absolutely Nothing To Write Home About : Adventures in Lone Parenting, Koh Samui by Samantha Taylor

Absolutely Nothing To Wear : An AW Wish List by Mel Moss

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Allergies by Zebedee Helm

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