A Summer with the Supersaurs : When Superstars Ruled The World

Almost a year ago to the day, my little family embarked on quite an adventure. My husband, Jay Jay, left for LA to go and build life size dinosaurs for his sculpture show When Superstars Ruled The World which opened in Beverly Hills on the 13th August and me and the boys (the youngest being 5 weeks old) remained behind before joining him 6 weeks later. It was a very long 6 weeks indeed but also a very fun 6 weeks. My 2 year old thought Daddy lived inside the computer, thanks to the world of Skype and my 5 week old was just happy to be sleeping on his side of the bed.

Not only did Jay Jay give us one of the most exciting Summers we’ll ever remember, but he also managed to put on a truly spectacular show and make me immensely proud.

For those who weren’t lucky enough to be hanging out in Beverly Hills in August 2010, Jay Jay has released a brand new film including footage of the run up to the show and the opening night party.

It’s ace and has been watched on a loop by my children since 6am this morning…..and I’m still not (quite) tired of it. Watch with the volume up, the music’s pretty good too.

To see more about the show visit Jay Jay’s website here and it’s worth keeping an eye on it over the coming weeks as all kinds of plans are afoot….

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