Mother’s wardrobe

Having spent the best part of my teenage years borrowing (stealing) clothes out of my Mother’s wardrobe, it was really quite exciting when today she invited me to take a look at some things I might like. Even at the tender age of 36, other people’s clothes, always seem so much nicer than my own. Being given something that you haven’t had to shop for or, lets be honest, pay for is such a lovely treat and quite frankly, I now have some pretty good stuff in my wardrobe thanks to today.  

She’s quite a neat dresser, my Mum, lots of Agnes B and Comptoir Des Cotonniers mixed with a bit of Cos and Zara – really can’t sniff at any of that – and there have been many many times I’ve caught myself feeling rather envious of certain ensembles. She’s always been very good at separates and wears a tailored cotton shirt perfectly and capri pants better than anyone else I know. She bought the most fabulous white tuxedo jacket from Zara recently which I had to really force myself to congratulate whilst being quietly furious not to have seen it first.

So I write this dressed head to toe in my mum’s clothes; Agnes B sleeveless pale blue cotton shirt and Zara skinny white capris, smelling of Coco Chanel, drinking a cup of fresh coffee and flicking idly through the pages of Cote Sud. Today, I am my Mother. How lovely.

5 Comments on “Mother’s wardrobe”

  1. Micki Myers says:

    Your Mum’s such a classy lady 🙂 And so are you.

  2. Ann Binns says:

    Your Mum has always been a chic and classic dresser, always knew the best pieces to buy and never was a victim of fashion. Her wardrobe was never overflowing but she always had something to wear for all occasions—I love her and her Coco Chanel!!!

  3. Mel Keat says:

    I love this, think it is my favourite post yet xxx

  4. Claire says:

    Mel, gorgeous post! My mums so similar! Crisp cotton! Immaculate Capri pants always crisp and spotless! I feel like such a scruff next to her! A mucky pup!

  5. Sandie Chhabra says:

    How inspirational – and with a blackberry (maybe i-phone?) in hand too… makes me look forward to getting older x

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