Absolutely Nothing to Eat : The Best Burger in East London

I don’t have anything particularly against American food. Frankly some days there’s nothing better than a big fat juicy burger, fries and a milkshake. But you know, not every day. Not all the time. But maybe it’s just me, maybe this is what people want to eat ALL THE TIME. I only wonder as it’s struck me that around the small enclave of Hoxton Square it seems that it’s all you can eat ( I do appreciate that this is a rather localised, East London rant, what can I tell you, I never leave).

First up, we have the original Diner on Curtain Road. A Sunday afternoon essential for all strange hair-cutted locals and their hang-overs having a languid de-brief over the previous nights Russian bar activity. Or you could pick something similar up at BarMusicHall a mere skip and a jump away. OR you could go retro and hit the Square itself – hey knock yourself out with a fat burger at Bar and Kitchen or chicken burger at Ziggy’s on the corner. You want more Americana? Heck – don’t forget The Breakfast Club. Surely, that’s enough though eh? Surely that’s more than ENOUGH AMERICAN FOOD OUTLETS IN ONE SMALL SQUARE? Apparently not. Recently opened, a Byron burger. Then whack bam next to it on the opposite corner? The Red Dog Saloon. Offering all manner of pulled pork sandwiches and fries and who knows what else.

I don’t know whose idea this all was. Why we can’t have more of a happy mixture in the area (yes, yes I know there are like a million Thai and Vietnameses on Kingsland Road, but we LIKE them). I don’t know. I mean everyone loves a homogenised high street chain restaurant, non? If it’s good enough for Islington then surely we can suck it up? Everyone must just love eating American food ALL THE TIME. Or perhaps it is some sinister plot to rid the good people of Hoxton of their skinny jeans by making it impossible for them to fit them. We just don’t know.

But if you would like to eat something other than American food in the Hoxton area, may one recommend these establishments:

Fifteen: the original youth project from Mr Oliver. It’s still great. And you get to feel nicely smug about supporting the kidz.

The Princess: Lovely British gastropub, super charming staff and super yummy fare. Do rock up for a roast. It’s also a divine haven from the hen night hell of Old Street on a Saturday night.

Hoxton Apprentice: The only corner of the Square un-Yanked. Delicious and good for the community.

The Rivington Grill: The best fry up breakie in town.

Charlie Wrights International Wine Bar: I jest not. Rock up for the bargainous and delicious Thai food, then stay well into the small hours for a classic Hoxton night out with all kinds of local ‘sights.’ Double dare you.

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