Absolutely Nothing To Dance To – Electric Dreams

Last night, whilst making “mix tapes” for our impending family road trip to France, I learned a few things I didn’t know about my husband.

1. That he knows all the words to Together In Electric Dreams

2. That he knows the dance to accompany the words to Together In Electric Dreams –  stand with legs slightly apart, toes firmly on the floor and do small heel lifts with coordinating arm raises and the occasional finger click. And a little head shaking from time to time seems to work too.

3. He once owned the t-shirt worn by Phil Oakley in the video to Together In Electric Dreams, which reads “You Have Been Judged”. Nice.



Needless to say it has been crowned as our holiday anthem. Best song ever.




One Comment on “Absolutely Nothing To Dance To – Electric Dreams”

  1. Liz Howe says:

    Can’t agree more with the Electric Dreams being the greatest song ever. We went to see them at Halifax and the place went crazy. How strange to see PO with hair!

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