A stolen Summer

This title makes it sound much more romantic than it actually is. What I mean by “stolen” is stolen by children and housework and guests and work and anything else which has taken me away from writing posts on my blog.

And now, I have nothing to say or rather I have so much to say that I don’t know where to start. I could tell you about the wonderful Wilderness Festival which was just about the best weekend I can remember, I could tell you about children’s parties and the sleepless pressure of bouncy castle hire vs weather forecasts. I could tell you about the emotional wonderment of welcoming my very first real blood nephew in to the world and I could tell you about my new kitchen…which obviously doesn’t really compare to my nephew but has also made me very happy indeed. I’m desperate to tell you about my Anthropologie rug (sale bargain) which is possibly the most grown up purchase I’ve ever made and my Andy Warhol reproduction Campbells soup tins – complete with soup and all the way from Ebay.com USA.

There’s so much to tell. I’m going to start writing tonight and I won’t stop until I’ve remembered it all.

For now though I’m going to leave you with these perfectly brilliant shoes from H&M kids which have seen the boys very stylishly and cheaply through the entire Summer and are still going strong. They come in so many fantastic colours and have elasticated laces and velcro fastening, all for just £5.99. I just wish they did them in adult sizes – for the same price.


Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 17.21.08


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