So this happened….

I don’t generally use ANTW as a platform for rants, well not often anyway, but I have a quick one today which I’ll try to keep brief.

Can someone please explain to me this current need to caption things, photographs mainly, with the phrase “so this happened”, or “so this is happening”. Not only is it hugely irritating and a bit too over friendly, but I’m sure it’s also grammatically incorrect on all kinds of levels. I’ve been looking in to it and it’s not just Instagram, Twitter and Facebook which seem to be suffering from the occasional “so…” caption. There are blogs published under the title “So This Happened…” and “So, this happened…” which I suppose at least involves a comma. There are people I like and respect using the phrase all too freely and flippantly. Mostly it seems to partner a picture of some kind of food which either has or is about to be consumed. A great big greasy burger, an eye watering spread of Indian take away or a bar full of alcohol or perhaps even a tattoo in mid branding.

I do see how it works and I do understand the appeal, to a point, and perhaps it’s just my prudish, British sensibility which causes it to bother me at all. Who knows. All I do know is that I’m finding it even more annoying than LOL and I never, ever thought that possible.

So, that happened. Is that right? Oh I don’t really care.


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