We’ve run out of walls

The other exciting thing about the house on the other side of the downstairs loo which we’re soon to take over, is the extra wall space. We’ve completely run out of walls to put things on. Every inch of space is filled with something to look at and we now have pictures leaning against each other patiently waiting for their turn, or pictures in tubes waiting for a frame. It’s not an ideal situation. It’s also a bit of an expensive situation – framing costs an absolute fortune – but we still can’t help find yet more things to put on a wall.

Here are my latest discoveries. They were all bought on Ebay (US) and each cost around £3. They are original vintage crate labels, in perfect condition and absolutely beautiful to look at. I’m hoping they will soon make it out of their hard back envelope and in to individual frames and finally on to a new, freshly painted wall for everyone to enjoy.


















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