Sounds of the school run

Over the past couple of years my now 4 year old has chosen the soundtrack to the school run. At 2 and a half he favoured Gorillaz, then he moved on to The Black Ghosts and for the past year or so we’ve had The Beastie Boys.

This week marks the last few days of nursery school life before he starts Primary in January. He’s fine, I’m all emotional and silly, so this post is for him. It’s been a pretty great few years musically. I love you Cash, you rock.

Gorillaz : Stylo

Gorillaz : On Melancholy Hill

The Black Ghosts : Any Way You Choose To Give It

The Black Ghosts : Some Way Through This

The Beastie Boys : Song For The Man

The Beastie Boys : Body Movin


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