That thing called Fashion…

I’m going to say this very quietly and I may be wrong but I think I might be missing that thing called Fashion, just a little bit. It generally happens around this time of year, show time. I didn’t even really enjoy the shows that much, well not at the time anyway. When I was a young magazine fashion assistant I despised being made to stand right at the back where I couldn’t see anything but the odd pony tail swishing down the catwalk. Even worse than that I absolutely dreaded being made to sit in the front rows – to fill a space for a missing editor I might add – as I felt like a complete fraud and was always always wearing the wrong shoes / outfit / sock and shoe combo / hair style / coat….you name it, I got it wrong.

Then, when I crossed to the other side and was faced with the dreaded seating plan, I would spend days and nights and weeks pouring over the same row layout, wishing for more seats and feeling sick at the prospect of being screamed at. And always by a journalist in row 5 or 6. And generally from the Daily Mail. Not mentioning any names obviously.

So why would anyone in their right mind miss it? Well quite frankly, I’d like to put on a dress and some heels (even if they were the wrong ones) and I’d like to go to a show (I’ll decide which one in a minute) and not give a shit who was sitting next to me, in front of me or behind me. I’d like to take the goodie bag home because it really is supposed to be for me and I’d like to eat whatever might be on offer because I now know it’s absolutely fine to actually eat. And, I’d like to write notes in my notebook of all the things I think are lovely and not have to do anything about it but go home safe in the knowledge that fashion is still alive and well. And most of all, I’d just like to be reminded that there is definitely more to life that Breton stripes and Toast.

That’s better. I think I’m over it now. What? There are fashion shows happening right now in NY? Really? I hadn’t noticed.


2 Comments on “That thing called Fashion…”

  1. Ann Binns says:

    That was a fun piece Melanie! It is New York Fashion Week as we speak but I am not paying any attention to it at all. I think it is living in the country that does it!!!!

  2. Miriam says:

    “And always by a journalist in row 5 or 6. And generally from the Daily Mail. Not mentioning any names obviously.” I think, I know which one you mean! Very funny. I like it.

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