Absolutely Nothing To Share : I think I might be Pinterested

I’m quite a fan of social media. I have a love / hate relationship with Facebook, think Twitter is a stroke of genius, am rather fond of blogging (although I don’t do it nearly enough) and now that I’ve discovered Pinterest I think it might just be the icing on the addiction.

I’d heard about it through various blogs and stylish friends but not really understood it. So I plucked up the courage to click a link and once I’d had a look around and  “requested an invite” I was pretty much hooked. In short it’s an online pinboard. A place to share images from the web or your daily life which inspire, intrigue or interest you. It can be home ware, design, art, interiors, photography…..you get the idea…and you simply “pin it” to your “board” and share it with the Pinterest community – which is vast and growing by the minute it would seem.

So I’ve started to share my pins and I’m now constantly thinking of what I can pin next. You can have a look here and even follow me if you like, although please remember I only started this morning. Soon my boards will be pinned to bursting with wonderful things which people will be fighting to “re pin” and “like”. You see, the social media competitive side has started already, it’s impossible to contain. Watch this space, it could get Pinteresting….sorry.





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