ANTW Advent Calendar, Day 14 : When Superstars Ruled The World….FREE shipping

I know I’ve written about these dinos before but I’m afraid they’re probably going to pop up quite a bit on here so best get used to them.

A brand new and brilliant collection of WSRTW homeware has been developed with the very clever people at Wild and Wolf and can now be found in stores worldwide. The full W&W range plus sculptures from the LA show, posters and limited edition products are available from the original When Superstars Ruled The World online store and they’re offering FREE shipping on orders received before 12 noon on Friday 16th December.

Here’s just a selection of what’s on offer. Click on the image to take you straight to the store.


Graffiti Dinosaur Poster, £5.95


Tea Rex Mug, Wild and Wolf, £6.95



Tea Rex Apron, Wild and Wolf, £16.95


Tricerachops Mug, Wild and Wolf, £6.95


Tricerchops Tea Towel, Wild and Wolf, £7.95


When Superstars Ruled The World is an artistic concept created by Jay Jay Burridge. The dinosaurs were first released on the world in 2010 in an exhibition of mammoth proportions which took place in an unsuspecting Beverly Hills. You can see more work from the show plus videos of the making and pictures from the space itself on the WSRTW website.


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