ANTW Advent Calendar, Day 3 : Christmas Tree Decorating

I’ve always been quite the purest when it comes to Christmas tree decorations. I’m a white lights and ribbons kind of girl. I do like a bauble but with small children, cats and an over-excited dog, they wouldn’t last a minute in this house so I like to keep it simple. However, in recent years I have given in to a few well chosen decorations of the hanging variety which, thanks to my Mum, have made their way in to the Christmas shoe box to be used over again.

They arrive in the post usually around mid November and for the past couple of years, have been bought from the Mothership (Peter Jones). They always manage to appeal to both me and the children and there are only ever a few which is just how I like them.

The past years offerings have come courtesy of Birchcraft Design and are really lovely. The first year we had Father Christmas, a tree and a few of his reindeer and the second year brought more reindeer but this time in white. They’re wooden which means they last, unless they get chewed…but that depends on how many animals you live with. You can also buy them directly from their website so I’ve linked the images straight to the online store.


Father Christmas and Reindeer


Reindeer, set of 6, £7


This year Peter Jones / John Lewis lost out to Ikea and a pack of four red cardboard reindeer which I love and promptly went online and ordered a few more. They also have packs of Christmas figures which include Father and Mother Christmas and 4 Christmas elves for £1.79. Be silly not to really.


Reindeer, £1.99


The best thing about these kinds of decorations is they can be used all over the house, not just the tree. They can be hung from garlands or wreaths or used to make presents look even more tempting….although that means giving them away.


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