Absolutely Nothing To Open – Advent calendar

Welcome to the ANTW Advent Calendar. Each day we’ll be revealing a dose of Christmas inspiration.

Things to buy, places to go, delicious treats to cook and eat which will hopefully take you right up to the very day itself.

And to kick things off here’s number 1, my very favourite Christmas present and one I would happily own in every colour.

1 . The John Lewis Mini Sewing Machine

Available in 4 colours and only £49 which is pretty good considering how much use (in theory) you can get out of it. Plus it’s just rather lovely to look at and a brilliant gift for teens with nothing better to do.

The John Lewis Mini Sewing Machine £49

One Comment on “Absolutely Nothing To Open – Advent calendar”

  1. Ann Binns says:

    That looks awesome Sarah and me want one!!!!!

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