New York Kitchenalia Heaven : Fishs Eddy

On his recent (solo) trip to New York, my husband stumbled across quite possibly the best shop I have ever seen. After spending over an hour perusing collections of all kinds of fabulous kitchenalia from vintage china to ceramic glove molds , I’m happy to say he did manage to come home with some very lovely bits and pieces. I probably would have had the lot and shipped it home at great expense – I’m a sucker for kitchen things I don’t really need and this place is full to bursting. Sadly he didn’t have room for one of the portrait paintings which are all from the owners personal collection and are the perfect visual accompaniment to the towers of crockery and glass. What a wonderful wonderful place Fishs Eddy is – I think it could be the only excuse I need to take a family trip to New York in the very near future.

Fishs Eddy, 889 Broadway, NY NY 10003


Ginger Ale Glasses


Cake Stands


Vintage China


Ceramic Glove Molds


Cheer Up Tray


Plates in a box....and other things


Kitchen Tools and things I really dont need but want


Ceramic Milk Bottles

Ceramic Milk Bottles


Bicycle Mugs

One Comment on “New York Kitchenalia Heaven : Fishs Eddy”

  1. Ann Binns says:

    I wish they had everything on line that they have in the shop because it all looks so beautiful!

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