Fashion Dilemma : Ankle Socks, part 2

I did it. I wore them. I even gave them a costume change half way through the evening. They started with my Louis Vuitton burgundy heels, worn with my navy blue COS dress to a lovely dinner with my husband and finished with my Celine navy satin ankle boots for party dancing in to the early hours.

Quite a night out for a humble pair of socks you may think, but these weren’t just any old socks. They were the couture of socks. Navy blue, cotton, hand finished ankle socks purchased for an embarrassing price from Tabio, “The Socks and Tights Speciality Store” – yes, really. But they worked beautifully and  shall be worn again and again and again until they pay me back every single penny and worried minute spent.

Egyptian Cotton Ankle Socks from Tabio. Crazy expensive.

Louis Vuitton Burgundy Heels

2 Comments on “Fashion Dilemma : Ankle Socks, part 2”

  1. Sali Hughes says:

    I am addicted to Tabio. Seriously, it’s a problem. So much so that they tweeted me last month to say I’d better have a discount card. All their socks are perfect and yes, I often wear them with a dress and heels too. Last week I wore some lovely bottle green satiny ones with this: and some old Marc Jacobs ankle boots. I felt pleasantly autumnal.
    I have also lived in Tabio’s wooly black tights with tiny cream polka dots.

    • Mel Moss says:

      I’m SO relieved that you’re a Tabio addict too. I didn’t dare mention that I also bought a pair of their navy rib opaque tights….just as an ankle sock back up. Wish Autumn would hurry up so I can enjoy them. This September sunshine is somewhat spoiling things to be perfectly honest.

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