Fashion Dilemmas : Ankle Socks

I used to suffer from daily fashion related dilemmas. Now they’re more of a monthly occurrence and all the more torturous. My most recent is quite a simple one really and it involves, dresses, socks, and high heels.

I very much like the idea of ankle socks. I’d quite happily wear them all the time with everything. They are the perfect boot accessory as well as being the ideal brogue accessory. They work best under jeans as it means your trouser leg doesn’t get stuck on your socks – nothing more annoying when your skinny jean leg rides up because it’s stuck on a knee-high –  they look fabulous with a dress when worn with brogues and I think they also look pretty fabulous when worn with a dress and high heels…

Or could this be one of those trends which is best left to bright (very) young things featured in magazines and blogs and doesn’t translate well at all, when worn by the common (wo)man. ie. me.

I bought the most brilliant dress a couple of weeks ago from COS. It’s a navy knit with a neat little collar, 3/4 length sleeves, a perfectly wide waistband and flippy, heavy knit skirt. It  is exactly the right side of prim and I wore it recently with ankle socks and my brogues and although I felt a little self-conscious, I also felt deep down that it did actually work. So now, feeling bold, I want to go a step further and team it with navy ankle socks and my Louis Vuitton burgundy very high heels. In my head it appears to be the best look in my wardrobe. It’s preppy and modern and a few years ago I would have happily trialled it on my daily commute but suddenly, some years and a couple of children later, high heels and socks make me very nervous indeed.

Is the dress too short? The heels too high? Are the socks the right length and do they fold in the right place? Will they force me to slip and slide around in my Vuittons thus making both outfit and me a complete disaster? Or, the question I’m really scared of, am I just too old and too neurotic to even consider it?

So that’s my big fashion dilemma on this Friday afternoon. I’m venturing to London this weekend for a night out with my husband. We’re staying in a real life hotel, without the children. This could be the perfect weekend for an ankle sock / high heel outing. I can feign fashion insanity and blame it solely on London Fashion Week. After all, I’ve always said I don’t follow trends, not ever.

So while I’m busy being subliminally affected by the catwalks, here’s a few of my top ankle sock inspiration pics from the Marc Jacobs SS12 show in New York. The perfect sock shoe combo.


Marc Jacobs SS12


Marc Jacobs SS12


Marc Jacobs SS12


One Comment on “Fashion Dilemmas : Ankle Socks”

  1. Antome says:

    It’ because socks has always been as leg breakers. What about boots, then? Well most boys see the boots as sexy. It all depends on how your socks fit, how you pair and how you carry off the look. I’m a boy so trust me, you don’t need perfect legs to pull it off, think about them as anklets and you’ll be fine. Ankle socks must be thought as ankle decorations, indeed.

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