DIY or get someone else to DIFY

I love Saturdays. I love them even more since having children because the absence of a lie in also means the wonderful absence of a hangover. You have to look on the bright side afterall. All manner of things can be achieved on a Saturday and often all before we’ve even begun to think about lunch. Today is such a Saturday and – having been up since 5.45 – I now have a brand new, interior designed (by me) home office at the top of the house, which last night didn’t even exist.

I’ve been throwing regular tantrums about needing my “own space” for a couple of years now. I wasn’t really sure what I needed it for but I was determined that I definitely wanted it. My husband, an artist and collector of things I can’t even begin to list, has a vast 3000 sq ft studio at a nearby farm where he tethers his dinosaurs and plays with his Mclaren airfix kit. He can escape there at any given moment citing “important work” leaving me grumpily at the kitchen table, tapping away on my lap top feeling like a terribly inattentive mother.

So now at long last my idea for a home office in the eaves of a rather badly used landing space, has suddenly and miraculously become his very clever idea and has materialised in less that 24 hours. It’s lovely and I know that all kinds of important writing and clever PR’ing will come from this very desk.

I’m not sure what tip I’m trying to give, maybe that planting a good idea and patiently waiting for it to grow in someone elses head, will eventually give you what you asked for without having to do it yourself.


2 Comments on “DIY or get someone else to DIFY”

  1. Samantha Taylor says:

    Everyone needs a dinosaur-free corner of the world to do their thing..

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