Another wonderful week doing Absolutely Nothing

It’s been a wonderful week of travel and children and work and all sorts….which hasn’t left much time for doing Absolutely Nothing but these few posts are some of our very best so far. AND we’ve reached over 3000 views since we started so that must mean someone out there is enjoying it.

We also now have a Facebook Page and Twitter feed (@ANTW) you can follow to keep up to date with new posts and anything else we can think of writing.

So here they are, enjoy.

Absolutely Nothing To Wear when you’re pregnant by Mel Moss

Absolutely Nothing To Smile About : The Tale Of Monsieur Lapin by Micki Myers

Absolutely Nothing To Wear : Uzes, a style all of its very own by Mel Moss

Absolutely Nothing To Buy : Bespoke Fine Art Prints by Samantha Taylor

We also have an updated Contributors Page where you can learn a bit about just some of the people writing for Absolutely Nothing To Wear.

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