Absolutely Nothing To Buy – Woop Studios

The very clever people at Woop Studios have brought out a whole load more fabulous prints all based on the wonderful world of collective nouns. No, really.

Woop was founded by Miraphora Mina, Eduardo Lima, Harriet Logan, and Mark Faulkner who all came together through their love for graphic design, images and words. You can read all about them here. Their online gallery was launched in November 2010 and they now have a growing collection of limited edition and stock prints all available to buy framed or plain.

They not only make brilliant gifts for anyone with a liking for birds and animals, but their LOVE collection make the perfect wedding presents. All the designs are printed on 308gsm pure cotton, acid free paper which means they will last for 200 years and each limited edition print is numbered, signed and embossed to make it extra special.

Prices vary from an unframed print costing £69 for a small version and £169 for an extra large – other sizes available in between. Or you can choose to have your print beautifully framed for an extra cost – applicable to UK orders only.

Woop woop for Woop. I’m having the Exaltation of Larks and possibly the Parliament of Owls and maybe A Charm of Finches and……

One Comment on “Absolutely Nothing To Buy – Woop Studios”

  1. Nick Moss says:

    A mischief of mice!

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