The Kids Are Alright

Seeing as it’s my blog and seeing as Little Lucky Seven is half my company and seeing as I’m allowed to do whatever I want on my own blog with my own company, I’ve decided to give ourselves a plug.

So, here it is.

For the best custom made kids caps anywhere in the world, go to Little Lucky Seven

They’re not only very cool indeed and worn by all kinds of discerning and very fashionable children, but it seems kids actually want to keep them on their heads. Which is rare. And even better, parents seem perfectly willing for their children to wear them. Which is a bonus all round.

They cost just £20 and are only available from the online cap shop. Each and every cap is made by a real person and sent out in its very own cap box. Which is nice enough to recycle and use to put all kinds of things in.

Here are a few photos of the caps and some of our Little Lucky Seven stars……



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