I have absolutely NOTHING to wear

I have a meeting today, an important one and I don’t even know where to start thinking about an outfit. I’m too tired to feel even vaguely fashionable and I have no idea what the weather’s doing.

So do I go for a Summer dress and leather jacket, jeans and a cape, skirt and blouse….that just sounded wrong writing it. Pumps or plimsolls, ankle boots or heels.

Such a lot to worry about so early in the day.

Will report back once I’ve had a long, confusing think over a cup of tea.


Some hours later…….well I put together a pretty good outfit in the end. An old American Retro grey silk smock dress smartened up with a plain chocolate leather belt and my black and white brogues. And all finished off with my black Celine studded leather bag. So, whether I get the job or not, I found myself a damned good outfit in the process.

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