Online shopping and Morris Dancing

I’ve had quite a consumer-led weekend. No clothes sadly, well one hat, but a few nice bits and pieces to make me smile and none of which have left me feeling too guilty or, most importantly, horribly poor.

It started online with the wonderful french site Bianca and Family. I could have gone crazy and bought pretty much everything on there but my credit card wouldn’t allow it and I’m not quite that frivolous. But I did get these lovely things for the boys and I can’t wait for them to arrive….I think the cushion is my favourite

So that was Saturday. Today was slightly different. We went to a village fair – the first of the “season” in these parts – in the very pretty village of Churchill. It was full of the usual Morris Dancing and dog show, featuring prizes for the “waggiest tale” but there were also some rather good stalls selling all sorts of bric a brac which is the kind of thing I love. So, having a bit of an addiction to old pottery, especially platters and bowls, I found 3 pieces of treasure. Here’s a picture of my favourite. A Rhine Grey platter from Burgess and Leigh. Only £5. Thank you very much.

And then to Daylesford to treat myself to a hat. Not the wide brim, floppy thing I thought I wanted but more of a soft cowboy-ish sort of a hat which was a fraction of the price and I won’t need an extra suitcase to take it on holiday.

So after last week when I didn’t think I wanted or needed anything at all. It would seem there were all kinds of things out there I hadn’t even thought about so it’s just a relief that I found them at all!

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