Hello head scarf

It seemed yesterday was quite the day for the head scarf. Every blog and tweet I read mentioned them in some way and why not, they’re useful, pretty and a very reassuring piece of timeless fashion. They somehow make me feel like all is ok in the world. I remember my Mother always wearing a head scarf when we were kids. She had a sort of ready made towelling one she wore when washing her face at the start and end of the day and a selection of silk and cotton scarves which were tied in a triangle or knotted at the top for daily chores and Summer holidays. I loved them and I always looked forward to the day when I too could wear one with purpose.

And now at last I can. And I am! My husband says he rather likes my “washerwoman look” but wasn’t so sure when I tried the triangle one – he thought it looked like I belonged to a cult. The headscarf cult perhaps. It made me a bit self conscious when worn publicly, but knotting a scarf around my head with hair loosely tied up, is a look I like and that I’m adopting for this Summer and I hope many more to come.

So who does the best ones. Well naturally, being just a bit of a fan, I love Tallulah and Hope‘s scarf offering. They’re the perfect length for all kinds of head scarf styles and are the right weight of cotton to allow as much twisting and knotting as you desire. I also love my vintage silk Hermes which belonged to my Godmother and makes me long for Paris and everything chic and grown up. Of late I have also been trying out one of my husband’s (very small selection of) ties. There’s a cotton knit Paul Smith black and white stripe one which is particularly good around the head and he is yet to recognise.

So if you haven’t discovered the headscarf yet then you should. It’s fun and practical and apparently very on trend…..even though I don’t follow trends. Not ever. But this one’s allowed.

2 Comments on “Hello head scarf”

  1. luna says:

    Head scarves are my favorite! I have so many cheap summer scarves, I love to grab one and tie it around. I’ve been trying not to wash and heat style my hair so often, it helps that I have cute accessories to help make this work!

  2. Samantha says:

    I love Jemima Jackman silk hair scarves , they fit your head perfectly.

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